Unceasing and/or unrelenting
he ate everything nonstop till there was no more
by King Krazy Kobra July 28, 2004
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Nonstop debate is one of Danganronpa class trial minigames included in all of the main games.

After you select Truth Bullet (Mouse Wheel) found in Investigation period before the trial, you find weak spot at other people's statements and shoot (Left Mouse Button) this contradiction.

While playing Nonstop Debate, white noise may appear (Incidentally it's colour is pink.) Which you have to shoot with Silencer (Right Mouse Button).

Sometimes you must absorb (Hold Left Mouse Button) other people's weak spots and shoot it at different people's contradictions.

You must of course listen carefully durning trial AND investigation or else you might not be able to clear it without trouble.
Girl E: Heya, still got trouble with that debate?
Guy F: I just don't know how to clear it y'know.
Girl A: Nonstop Debate you talking about? I can help.
by lmncz August 20, 2020
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What the staff of this website seems to love and actively encourage on this site. I mean, look at the words they feature for “Word of the Day”.
Seriously, can you guys please keep the politics to a minimum? I’m tired of my email inbox and the homepage of this site constantly being filled with politics because the staff can’t stop putting political definitions as Word of the Day. I go here to learn what slang means, not to have another mainstream political soap box. I’m not telling you you can’t feature political words at all for the rest of this website’s span. I’m just saying IT’S TIRING TO SEE NONSTOP POLITICS HERE! I DON’T WANT TO SEE THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN! FEATURE A DIFFERENT TYPE OF WORD FOR ONCE IN YOUR FUCKING LIFETIME! PLEASE!

...Thank you for your consideration. Rant over.
by nlolhere June 22, 2020
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When you ejaculate and the cum keeps coming out, enough comes out to fill swimming pools but youll likey suffer fatal dehydration before that happens
Wow Steve has nonstop cum, it's so hot. Imagine how many kids he can have
by FlabbyPancakeSause February 11, 2023
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Wrestling promotion on SpikeTV, and what "TNA" really stands for. An embarrassment to not just professional wrestling, but to humanity in general.
Total Nonstop Action? More like Total Nonstop Ass. TNA is a fucking joke.
by A.C. Sativa February 12, 2013
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It is for those who can't make it through "No nut November"
I'm doing Nonstop nut November and Olivia is making that pretty easy!
by buddy's hard November 4, 2020
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1) A slang used for people unable to complete no nut November

2) The 11th month in a year
1) a: I couldn't do no nut November. | b: just do nonstop nut November instead | a: good idea
2) a: What month is it? | b: its nonstop nut november
by Deep-Night-Chan November 4, 2020
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