sunshine is hoseok who bring happiness, joy and hope in your life
by itscecee February 17, 2018
Sunshine is a special someone who gives light and warmth in your life. Someone who you want to wake up with just like sunshine and know that that is what gives you life. Someone who is really hot and brightens your day and your life.
by Sorry123 October 31, 2009
in England it is said by police officers and older people as another word for boy or person.
alright sunshine what you up to
by piffting77 February 11, 2017
someone (male or female) who is just your everything, they dont have to be someone you know personally they can be a famous person or even a fictional character, but its just someone you love and care for who makes you smile in your darkest times just by a simple action.
person 1: whos that person you're smiling at on your phone?
person 2: just my sunshine, they make me smile when im upset.
by Mrs. Hemmings February 17, 2014
A cute affectionate word use to show enderment toward a significant other. If you are someones sunshine it means, you make their world brighter!!
Aishah is Roni's sunshine!! and Roni is Aishah's sunshine!!
by aishah m August 6, 2006
Felix from stray kids, a pure soul that brings happiness to anyone and everyone. You'll instantly fall in love with his smile.

Felix likes to be called sunshine in fact, it's his little nickname now. ♡
by lemonway June 22, 2020
Term which originated in the 60's to refer to LSD or Lysergic acid diethylamide, a very potent hallucinogenic drug derived from ergot, a grain fungus that typically grows on rye.LSD was accidentally discovered by swiss scientist Albert Hofmann in 1938. Later introduced into the counter-culture movement and ever since used recreationally for decades
"Sunshine, Sunshine, Sunshine!!", a dealer's scream to attract dead-head acid fiends at any commonplace psychedelic concert.
by Andres Demarchi October 23, 2006