The title of one who is of the male gender and is of mostly Mexican decent with bits of various European countries and some unrecalled Native American tribe. A Lennon epitomizes one that is quiet in nature, but can be better defined as mysterious and intriguing. Lennon's usually inhabit the mountain regions, although the slight willingness to share their amazing and intense personalities bring them to the lower areas. Although Lennon's can be misunderstood, they have a big heart and will provide transportation, swerve to miss hitting stray cats, and won't mind trying to find an open fast food restaurant at 12 in the morning. Truly, Lennon's are one of the most ammmmmazing people one could ever hope to meet.

The name Lennon is of Irish decent and means "Dear One".
Which further constitutes the idea that having a Lennon is an act that should be cherished and eulogized.
1. Lennon has always interested me, but his aloof manner made me assume he wouldn't like me.
2. Diandra could never be as fascinating as Lennon.
by Diandra R. March 31, 2008
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King of the Hippies!

Someone is a Lennon - he is more than just a hippie, he is behaving like King Of The Hippies!
Winston is so relaxed right now - he is behaving like a Lennon...
by WaZza 007 April 19, 2011
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Lennons are beautiful people both inside and out. Lennons are usually handsome, shy young guys with many hidden talents. Typically, Lennons have exotic green eyes, curly brown hair, a semi-muscular figure, and an average height, giving them no shortage of female attention. Women are also very intrigued by Lennons view on life and the way he serenades with his handmade guitar. Lennons can usually be found trekking the alpines, surfing the gold coast, frolicking in nature, or playing a pick up soccer game. Lennons musical vocabulary is endless so do not try to find a song/band that he does not already know. Ask Lennon a question once in a while to have your mind completely blown and your eyes opened to the fabrics of life itself.
Woah! Those lyrics are seriously deep... Must be written by a Lennon!
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by JohnJohn_John June 29, 2016
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Can be used as a verb (i.e to lennon) or as a noun (i.e runs like a lennon)

To lennon is to run very fast and have great agility whilst running.

Can be used whenever you see something/someone running for comic effect.
James: Look at him lennon!
Greg: He must be late.
by TheQuarry October 21, 2011
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Lennon is a beautiful, kind, caring, and smart girl. She is a very trust~worthy and understanding, you could tell her anything. When you first meet her she's really shy, but as soon as you get to know her she's super outgoing and fun to be around. She can instantly lighten up your day and mood in a matter of seconds. She has beautiful big blue eyes with a hint of innocents in them, if you look into them long enough you might just find yourself falling for her. She doesn't really fall for people that often,but when she does she loves them with everything she has. If you ever hurt her she'll pretend she's okay and hide all her pain behind her breath~taking smile. She'll very rarely get mad at so when she does you really did something wrong. If you ever meet a Lennon, never let her go or give up on such a unique girl like her. She's one of a kind,trust me on that.
boy 1: look at Tracy tonight , she stands out so much.
boy 2: yeah, that's because shes pulling a Lennon. ;)
by Loveylady78 July 01, 2017
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1) another word for a penis
because girls want the beatle juice.
While in class..

Girl: Let me see the lennon!!
Boy: I can't show you now...just IMAGINE.
by EFIL4SAGGIN July 10, 2008
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