Nazi cunt who wins lots of votes from upper-class French twats who don't like black people and who think capitalism would be an OK system if only everyone was white.

He's a racist and has got done for race crimes in France. He leads a party called the Front Nationale (FN) which is a sister party of fascist groups elsewhere and which used to be an openly fascist party, but which has started pretending that they're only really about nationalism and law and order.

Le Pen is virulently anti-immigrant, blaming immigrants for the fact that they're persecuted by the police and that global capitalism makes them poor. He thinks that civil liberties are "laxisme", i.e. excessive freedom, because he wants France to become a police state so that cops can persecute black people more easily. He thinks he's tough but he and his wimpy followers hide behind lines of cops all the time whenever the left is around. He got banned from elections a while back for trying to rig them.

He's such a twat that even his own secretary got fed up with him and ran off and set up his own party. He got into the presidential run-off a little while ago on a technicality but got beaten hands-down by Chirac. The slogan of the left was "vote for the crook, not the Nazi".

He claims to be the embodiment of the French race, but how comes he's got an English surname? It should be "la plume", surely?
La Heine by the way is an excellent film about the police-state terror which already exists in areas populated by immigrants in France. A lot of bigots blame the trouble on immigrants because they are pigfuckers and believe everything the lying racist cops say.

Le Pen's vote is low in working-class areas and high among ignorant people in areas where you never see a black face or even a crime but where everyone's paranoid of their sheltered way of life being invaded. They're often under attack from capitalism but are so confused they blame the immigrants.

All Nazis need smashing, and that includes the FN and Le Pen. When he came to the UK he tried to hide from protesters like the wimp he is by having his meeting at a secret location but we found him anyway and pelted him with eggs and stuff, and that was what got in the news. Surprise, surprise, the racist cops were on his side and attacked protesters yet again.
by Andy April 27, 2004
Jean Marie Le Pen is founder and current leader of the National Front (FN), a French nationalist party. Le Pen is also a lawyer, a combat veteran of wars in Indochina and Algeria, a member of the European Parliament and a patriot.

40% of French voters have voted for FN at least once. French voters have elected thousands (not hundreds, but thousands) of FN mayors, governors, regional directors, MPs, MEP and city councilmen. Cities under FN control, such as Orange, are marked by less crime and a stronger economy.

FN draws support from all levels of French society. There are large and active FN organizations for accountants, lawyers, college professors, physicians, students, union members, military veterans, policemen, and school teachers. In recent elections FN has received significant support from working class voters, especially in the east and north, who formerly supported the Communist and Socialist parties.

This success has drawn the ire of anti-French and anti-European forces. Le Pen was blinded in one eye by a communist. The electoral laws were changed to prevent FN representation in the National Assembly (NA). By vote volume, and by the tenets of democracy, FN should constitute 20% of the NA rather the current 0%. FN charities which provide hot meals and warm clothing to the homeless were prevented from their mission when a judge ruled the pork soup provided to the destitute constituted an outrage against Jews and Muslims.

The irony of the last item, not lost to the well-informed, is patriotic French Jews and, and to a lesser extent, patriotic French Muslims have voted for the FN. Indeed, several elected FN officials are Jewish.

What does Le Pen stand for? The French people should receive preference for jobs, training, education and housing. Only as a truly French nation can France successfully compete with and positively influence the world.

Non-European immigrants have largely refused to assimilate, largely live (and live large) by welfare and crime, and pose a threat to the very existence of France. They are deeply unhappy in France. It is only humane they be paid to leave France.

These positions, among other FN ideas once considered impossible, are now mainstream. This positive effect on French political discourse is known as Le Penism.

Le Pen's influence has spread beyond France. Every European country now has a nationalist movement, often based on the FN model.
As a result of the immigrant riots every politician now sounds like Le Pen.

Is Le Penism the future for France and Europe? No serious person thinks it is impossible. Many think it is probable and desirable.

At every point of crisis in French history a savior has risen; Martel, Joan of Arc, Le Pen.
by Charles Niceguy February 22, 2007
Not a nazi (nazism and fascism are different things). Deeply conservative and probably aristocratic, wanting to rebuild France from the soft and lazy governments that have been around since the third republic.
Jean-Marie Le Pen. Vote for your favourite piece of stationery!
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 7, 2004
Marine Le Pen is a french politician women , who is racist. Her political party is the RN (rassemblement national in french) in English we can translate is as national gathering.
Me :What is it very silly?
My friend : Say that Marine Le Pen likes black people
by Temply_Clem January 29, 2020