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Nazi cunt who wins lots of votes from upper-class French twats who don't like black people and who think capitalism would be an OK system if only everyone was white.

He's a racist and has got done for race crimes in France. He leads a party called the Front Nationale (FN) which is a sister party of fascist groups elsewhere and which used to be an openly fascist party, but which has started pretending that they're only really about nationalism and law and order.

Le Pen is virulently anti-immigrant, blaming immigrants for the fact that they're persecuted by the police and that global capitalism makes them poor. He thinks that civil liberties are "laxisme", i.e. excessive freedom, because he wants France to become a police state so that cops can persecute black people more easily. He thinks he's tough but he and his wimpy followers hide behind lines of cops all the time whenever the left is around. He got banned from elections a while back for trying to rig them.

He's such a twat that even his own secretary got fed up with him and ran off and set up his own party. He got into the presidential run-off a little while ago on a technicality but got beaten hands-down by Chirac. The slogan of the left was "vote for the crook, not the Nazi".

He claims to be the embodiment of the French race, but how comes he's got an English surname? It should be "la plume", surely?
La Heine by the way is an excellent film about the police-state terror which already exists in areas populated by immigrants in France. A lot of bigots blame the trouble on immigrants because they are pigfuckers and believe everything the lying racist cops say.

Le Pen's vote is low in working-class areas and high among ignorant people in areas where you never see a black face or even a crime but where everyone's paranoid of their sheltered way of life being invaded. They're often under attack from capitalism but are so confused they blame the immigrants.

All Nazis need smashing, and that includes the FN and Le Pen. When he came to the UK he tried to hide from protesters like the wimp he is by having his meeting at a secret location but we found him anyway and pelted him with eggs and stuff, and that was what got in the news. Surprise, surprise, the racist cops were on his side and attacked protesters yet again.
by Andy April 27, 2004
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Not a nazi (nazism and fascism are different things). Deeply conservative and probably aristocratic, wanting to rebuild France from the soft and lazy governments that have been around since the third republic.
Jean-Marie Le Pen. Vote for your favourite piece of stationery!
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 07, 2004
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