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A Jean Marie is a sexual move in which the woman (on bottom) lifts her right leg and places it as high as possible on the wall alongside the bed. It is not known if this is to increase sexual pleasure, simply stretch the hamstrings, or make for easier viewing of Desperate Housewives.
Billy was shagging Kelly when she pulled her leg out from under him and gave him the ol' Jean Marie.
by Bimg March 02, 2007
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A very hot sexy American-French chick. She's flirty and loves to dance. Her best features are her sense of humor - wicked and rapier-sharp - and her very fine ass.
I wish I could be Jean-Marie.

Man, I never should have dumped Jean-Marie. She was the love of my life.
by vindude May 23, 2011
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Jean-Marie is a French name which means "black awesome guy."
Jean-Marie is usually an awesome and charming boy.
He has so much swag that he makes ladies right and left.
His features is his humor, his charming smile and eye and his way of making ladies on.
I want Jean-Marie!
He is the most charming, hottest and awesome guy I've ever seen.
He knows just what a woman would have, and when she wants it ...

But I understand why he hasen't chosen me as his lady.
He has so much swag that the women's committee is enormous like his dick ...
by imagayguy0001 January 03, 2012
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Jeanmarie has a beautiful and kind soul. She is crazy athletic and good at whatever she tries to do. Sometimes spells amazing as “amasing.” Sometimes flips her “bs” and “ds”. She is obsessed with fish, and especially likes the texture of yogurt. Often referred to as Jean Marie, Jean-Marie, Geanmarie, Jeanamarie, JeanMarie, Jean-Marie, and many more. Ask Jeanmarie’s the meaning of their name (even though there is none). Sometimes referred to as a man.
Wow. I’d love to be a Jeanmarie because she’s a procrastinator.
by Bearlover11 February 26, 2019
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