A country where the police watch what you do and try to control your life. Where there's cameras in town centres and on public transport. Where you can be arrested because of something you said to a friend about the leaders of your country. Where police stop and search people for no reason. Where you can be detained without charge or trial. Where the state plants bugs with impunity. Where protesters have to get police permits, and where police regularly attack protesters.

Hang on. That sounds like America and Britain today!
Smash all police states! Down with Patriot Act, ASBOs, CCTV, ID cards, biometrics, no fly lists, Terrorism Act, Gitmo, Belmarsh, Public Order Act, and Nazi bastard politicians and pigs!
by Andy August 6, 2004
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What America is becoming, thanks to the US PATRIOT act, whos name is pretty ironic.
- Authoritarian Republican
by Potato Reborn March 5, 2004
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America, post 9/11 and hence a definitive hypocrisy
'Police state? Amrica, after the Patriot Act, which was written BEFORE 9/11 and which was always intended to be the 1984 bill
by evelyn waughfare November 27, 2003
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a discord server, a place where loving communism takes place, a place where the three police chiefs, liu, cai and kuang, never struggle to find ways to annoy, entertain and joke. featuring bruh, mongolian, skinty stick, trans twins, a cute couple, syrian refugee, twitch thots , wholesome gamer girls and a bunch of npcs.
"Are you in the cai's police state server? It's a bunch of mumbo jumbo! Yesterday, they changed the server profile to our lord and saviour, "EL RASHO MACUIN B)" but now it's just Toad and Toadette porn."
by doingurmom March 29, 2021
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A country protestors and police are trying to take control of from everyone that is not a protestor or a cop. Not much different than the way medical workers, scientists, and government officials have tried to take control of it from the people who elected them (scientists and medical workers dont get elected) by convincing everyone who's not a medical worker, scientist, or government official that they're all heroes.
The country will become a protestor/police state without a fight.
by Solid Mantis July 29, 2020
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The United States - in which all persons are subject to continual observation and monitoring by the government and corporations in all aspects of life; where no piece of information is too private or insignificant for inclusion in the permanent digital record; where all persons are subject to the jurisdiction of secret courts and the arbitrary suspension of constitutional rights. The Surveillance Police State (SPS) is sponsored by the presidential administrations of George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama, the Democrat and Republican parties in Congress, the U.S. judiciary, all government agencies and most large corporations - particularly telecommunication, finance, defense, media and internet companies. Its creation was foretold by numerous literary and cinematic works; and although its actual existence was known since at least 2001, it only received critical attention when brought to light by whistleblower Edward J. Snowden in 2013.
The Surveillance Police State (SPS) is an act of terrorism against United States citizens.
by auropticon July 9, 2013
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Once a prosperous nation, now a debt ridden police state. After Bush's illogical foreign policy pissed off the entire world, the tragedy of 9-11 happened. And then our freedoms were reaped via the patriot act and similar laws and acts, thus turning the US into a police state. The most ironic part is that those laws were passed to 'protect the liberties of the American people', it really makes you think.

Soon after, for no reason, George catapulted the US into an illegal oil war. That costs 7 trillion dollars to maintain . And you're paying for it.

Thank you Mr. President
by asdfsa August 18, 2007
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