Civil liberties are protections from the power of governments. Examples include:
* freedom of speech,
* freedom of the press,
* freedom of assembly,
* freedom of unwarranted searches by the government,
* trial by jury, and even
* freedom to own an AK.
That's OK, you can have my civil liberties Mr. Ashcroft. I wasn't using them anyway. At least I still have my AK.
by mandingoe August 5, 2004
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Civil Liberties are a form of philosophical individualism that guarantee the rights of individual autonomy which governments cannot abridge. Civil liberties include things like freedom of speech, religion, press, and expression.

Civil liberties are a core component of civil libertarianism, which is a form of political individualism that supports a legal system based around the harm principle and personal freedoms against any kind of authority.
Civil liberties are personal freedoms a government gives the individuals. Political ideologies that stress support for individual freedom are: liberalism, libertarianism, anarchism, and egoism.
by Kelmeer23 March 12, 2023
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a diverse organization of American Patriots better known as simply the aclu that works to protect the basic freedoms gauranteed by the U.S. Constitution
The American Civil Liberties Union believes in:

Free speech,Free press; this applies to everyone even those with radical or unpopular beliefs, defending a persons right to speak is not the same as an endorsement of that speech

Freedom of religion/Seperation of Church and State;There can be no freedom of religion without a seperation of church and state if government favors one particular religion it infringes on the those who believe in other faiths. The religious right claims inaccurately that not allowing government to force people to practice Christianity is somehow being anti-Christian which of course is ridiculous, many Christians are ACLU members

Protections against unwarranted search and seizure (privacy) protected by the fourth amendment the ACLU opposed the Patriot Act and other abuses by the Bush Administration

Opposition to "Cruel" and "Unusual" punishment which is prohibited by the eighth amendment, this includes the death penalty

The ninth amendment states that our rights are not limited to those specifically mentioned in the Constitution, basically America is a free society and the government needs to show a compelling state interest before criminalizing any private personal behavior

The fourteenth amendment gaurantees equal protection under the law, this includes gays and people of all races and religions
by Mr.Juan-derful May 28, 2010
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