Special paper used to write love letters/notes and stuff like that. It comes in different colors, could be scented, have picture backgrounds or borders.

Foten confused with stationary.
Girl A: I wanna write <insert name here> a love letter. Got any stationery?
Girl B: Oh yeah. Loads. I collect it actually!
by XXHolic October 23, 2010
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Artists' favourite stationery shop.

Delivers art supplies on time because we know you can't stay away from them for long.

Never gets tired of your questions. Ask us anything about art supplies.

Empowering every young artist to believe in themselves.
My order from Stationery Plug is arriving today.
by Stationery Plug November 23, 2021
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Paper-thin rubber.
"I'll pick up the stationery; you get the wine."
by StarvingWolfman March 20, 2019
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Spontaneous utterance when an intrusive web pop up intrudes on an important meeting. Common with natives of Alabama. Usually paired with dramatic closure of a laptop.
by Coptermedic November 4, 2021
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