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Jacques Chirac, the wise President of France who actually had the balls to stand up to the illegal war against Iraq carried out by George W. Bush.
by AnyoneButBush '04 August 30, 2003
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The current Right Wing president of France, a country in Europe. Chirac appears to be one of the few leaders that realises he doesn't have to bark to the yankee's tune. If only there were more like him.
Chirac is not an evil or stupid man.
by Donnelly January 19, 2004
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A typical faggot Eurotrash leader of a gay little country in the peoples republic of Nazism,...I'm sorry France because the United States saved the entire continent from total destruction (twice) Complains about the power of the United States and is the most envious Eurotrash leader on earth even though he steals from the Ivory Coast in Africa.

"French President J.Chirac’s remarks on President T. Mbeki’s peace efforts in Ivory Coast have unleashed a political and diplomatic tsunami in Africa and in the Diaspora. During a state visit to Senegal in February 2005, the French Head of State said: ”West Africa is West Africa. It has its own characteristics. You have to know it well.”Pr Shadrack described the French President’s comments as representative of a “typical racist mentality of a former colonizer”"
Chirac is a typical envious Eurotrash leader.
by WW 2 Veteran January 06, 2007
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