“I don’t like u fn
Who does this fn think he is?”
by the butcher comin August 22, 2022
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Fabrique Nationale.

The developer of premier, hi-tech personnel firearms. FN has been popularly known to be the developer of the HP handgun (in association with Browning). But now FN will be well-known for being the developer of two revolutionary new weapons : the Five-seveN handgun and P90 submachine-gun. Both of these are chambered in the FN-made catridge of 5.7x28mm. This caliber is designed to be convenient like a handgun, but devestating like an assault rifle (these bullets have armor-piercing capabilities).
FN has also made the premier M249, which is a 200-round, 5.56x45mm NATO machine-gun. FN has also made the FNC ("Free Nation's Rifle"; it somewhat resembles the Israeli Galil, in fact borrows traits from it, among others) and FAL (the FAL almost resembles an H&K G3A3), both of which are little-known, kind of.

But my most favorite guns from FN are the Five-seveN and P90. ^_^
"FN makes FN-good guns. ^_^"
by Dave February 16, 2004
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Means "fuck nigga". For the real hood niggas they would say "fuck nikka"
Go pick that FN up before I stomp on him word to big bro.
by True Stepper July 21, 2022
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"Ayo did you hear about Epstein killing myself"

"That's FN hoe"
by 420MOOD69 April 22, 2020
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Abbrv. First Nation people , belonging to the indigenous community (Canada /US)
A horse back riding festival is taking place in alberta and i am heading there to watch it
You told Me you are british ted
Half FN sally.
by TourageKnight July 14, 2023
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FN is an abbreviation for Fucking Namaste, and is typically used as the complimentary closing to an online message similar to "Sincerely Yours" or "Best Wishes." It is often used when the author wishes to convey a strong sense of clarity and purpose. The word "Namaste" is commonly used in India as a general-purpose respectful greeting (either hello or goodbye), however, it has become quite common in other contexts such as Western yoga classes.
Folks, we can no longer tolerate racism in this institution. So, tomorrow, we are closing our doors forever.


Joaquin Zilzzzy Jr. (your boss).
by topfive February 5, 2022
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Fares Nedhal
is that a bird?
is that a plane?
wait its FN!
by kn8t November 27, 2019
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