1. Short for Heineken beer. An example of which can be found in the introductory lyrics to Weezer's "Say It Ain't So". 2. Another word for ass.
1. Honey, grab me a Heine from the icebox then cook me up some dinner. 2. After grabbing the brew from the icebox instead of dinner how about giving me a little Heine?
by Roland819 December 6, 2006
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A Heine is someone who is considered the boss in every room he steps into. They are extremely good looking and are the type of guys that every girl is dreaming of. With an average IQ of 2546,84 they are also bound to have successfull careers.
You: My boss slept with 10 Victoria Secret models last night

Me: Oh, so he is A Heine?
You: Yes of course
by Hgj42 October 14, 2021
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The refusual of sex moments before insertion.
My man got heined last night! He was right on top of this girl with his tool wrapped and everything but she chickened out and heined him at the last minute.
by Barbara Lentini January 15, 2008
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Heine is the definition of a cringe kid that takes everything insanely personal and NEVER stops complaining and crying. The arguement could've ended YEARS ago and he would bring it up for a reason to cheat on you. Heine always has small pp and is a mommys boy. Or is he a boy? With them acting that much of a pussy i do not know
You are being a fucking Heine
by Man with big pp 69420 April 3, 2022
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pronounced: HI-KNEE

slang: Last name of ballers (see "baller"). Consider your world rocked.
by thechucknorris May 12, 2009
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Hein is a man strong in his own way, a hart of gold. Hein will go the extra mile to help other people. If you know a hein you can be considered to be the luckiest person alive. He will make your day so much better with just a hello and his loving smile. He is a handsome man ready for anything on his path. He takes life on with 110% of what he has to offer. A sporty man with legs like a super hero- even the personality to fit. His eyes tells the story of his life. If you look long enough you will realise you need him as a friend or a lover. Being with him is the best thing to happen in your day. Hein has an presence unexplained. A smile to share with the world. A hug to uplift the down-and-out. He is sent from above for a big reason.
handsome strong hein warrior history maker
by Skillieniss July 19, 2013
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French Canadian: So I was skanking the other night at the show, hein?
American: What? Huh?
French Canadian: Yeah, it was rellin, hein?
American: I am confused!
French Canadian: Why am I even talking to you?
by Sahara April 19, 2005
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