The conotative definition of destitute is without money.
by Larstait November 15, 2003
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Dick destitution is any period of time over three months where a man doesn't 'get it in.' Also known as 'period of dryness.'
Guy 1: "Man this sucks."

Guy 2: "What is it?"

Guy 1: "I'm so dick destitute I'm going insane."

Guy 2: "Here's 20 bucks."
by DaffyGKH July 3, 2013
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an offensive, even possibly misogynistic term for a female hilly-billy, an unsophisticated farm/country female
Although Rosa Parks was indeed financially destitute and a seamstress by trade, as well as being a black lady from the rural south, she certainly wasn't a destitute seamstress, achieving quite a lot in terms of human rights and other social progress for African Americans
by Sexydimma September 14, 2016
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Describes an unemployed friend who always has time for fun. This friend has a taste for luxury, but no money.
What does Bottom do for a living?
Nothing, man. He’s independently destitute.
by Bottom Ford June 12, 2009
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An hag bag that's so ugly she can't find a John. Wrinkly skanky old woman who is hard up for sexx but can't find any takers.
Look at that destitute prostitute over there. She's so ugly she'd have to pay me..
by Sooneynoowippybippyskrippyscre February 10, 2019
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