Pronounced like the word “key” and the word “toe” — Kee-tō

1.Shorthand for ketosis & often used as a prefix when used in this sense. (Ex. “Keto-Flu) — a state where the body stops using glucose as it’s primary energy source. Ketones, stored fat, & some amino acids become the primary sources.

2. Shorthand forketogenic diet — A medical diet prescribed to either reduce seizures in epileptics or reduce spikes in diabetics. The goal of keto is to achieve a sustained state of ketosis. Low calorie keto is often utilized by slimmers & lifters to cut a large percentage of body fat quickly, so it sometimes is thought as a fad-diet or even a crash-diet.
When used to cut fat there are 5 basic guidelines.
1. Most carbs eaten should be low netcarb, complex carbs & free of added sugar.
2.Eat more cal from fat than protein & more from protein than carbs. Protein can be broken down into glucose so eating too much threatens ketosis.

3.Restricting cal to 5% from carbs or less is most ideal. 10% is considered good for an active athlete who burns through glucose quickly.
4. Start out eating a highfat (65%-70%) & moderate protein diet (25%-20%).

5.Gradually work toward a very highfat (75%-85%) & low/moderate protein (20%-10%)—no less than 10% for an extended period. Too little can cause a starvation response where the body burns muscle protein for energy instead of using stored fat & the amino acids in dietary protein.

Bada Bing, Bada Boom Keto
Keto Kevin: I am Keto-Kevin the Ketomite from Ketofalls, CA but I now live in Ketoville USA. I used to be an obese, diabetic having a seizure a day. But then I adopted a Kaleo diet-Ketogenic diet and the constant Ketosis has made me a healthy & convulsion-free bodybuilder with 8% body fat. My likes are working out, ketofucking my girlfriend ketorria, water, avocados, and steak. My dislikes are flour, ketards, keto flu, keto crotch, the keto farts, keto snobs, people claim keto buyer follow the cheato diet, the ketotic shits, ketomites who do dirty keto or lazy keto, and keto cops.
by IbreathAir September 5, 2019
Keto is an Old Gaelic term for pegging or “one who gets ass fucked by the Chief/Elder”
Does kiki really Keto her followers?
by Truthbeforetrust April 8, 2021
low-carb diet for which people eat 20 (net) grams or less of carbohydrates daily
I started on keto in January and have already lost 30 pounds!!!
by tamstertwo May 3, 2018
Someone who eats Doritos whilst masturbating profusely thus leading to an orange hand.
That dude must have had a bit of a ketos session last night. Hes more orange than morph.
by The Choad King December 7, 2009
A phrase used to disclaim following a ketogenic diet after blatantly planning and eating ketogenic, low-carb meals. The phrase is often used by so-called "keto-snobs" who feel the diet is a fad despite its proven health benefits, but follow the principles of the diet closely.
I've done a meal planner for this week. It's low-carb stuff like shakes, chilli con carne with cauliflower rice and sugar-free jelly crystals mixed with double cream. No keto.
by Stigs85 April 1, 2019
The keto flu is a group of symptoms that may appear 2 to 7 days after starting a ketogenic diet. Symptoms may include: headache, foggy brain, tiredness, irritability, difficulty sleeping, nausea, constipation, etc. Diabetics may have a slight increase in glucose (blood sugar) levels due to lower insulin levels.
The keto flu sucks but the health benefits of the keto diet might be worth it.
by AL1999 August 14, 2020
A term that is defined as the maloderous aroma eminating from the groin of an individual who participates in the keto diet.
Damn, somebody better tell Jenna to eat a cookie or something. That bitch has keto crotch hard.
by Fallsohard March 1, 2019