Technical jargon for "at some point in the future." The term '48-hours' doesn't actually mean two days and nights but represents a mythical time period, usually anywhere between a week and three years. The term is usually uttered by hopeful laywers, administrators and anyone wishing to delay media interest for as long as possible.
Portsmouth Football Club will have a new owner in 48 hours.
by Pompey Jeff January 19, 2012
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The weekend the two days you get off for 5 days of hard work.
I worked 60 Hr this week I need my 48 Hours of freedom
by The Working man February 11, 2009
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The "48-hour" Rule is the law that protects gamers who have recently purchased a new game from getting pulled away for matters that are not important. This list includes, but is not limited to chores, social functions, walking the dog, or other responsibilities.

To solve any debates, the 48-hour rule does begin upon loading the game up for the first time, not upon purchase.

This rule was created to provide safety to fellow gamers who were getting pulled away from their games in that initial learning phase and during important story plot. It was noted that parents and spouses would take advantage of these times and force the gamer into fulfilling chores or social functions just to get them away from the game. It was never researched on why these seemed to be key times that people would "need" the gamer to do chores, but it is thought that it may be due to revenge, jealousy, or just plain asshattery.

Thus the 48-hour rule was devised. This is to protect the gamer from any who wish to take away their new found treasure and ruin those integral first hours of gameplay. It also protects from negative emotions towards a violator of the 48-hour rule trying to force the gamer into breaking away from their new game.

NOTE: The 48-hour rule does NOT mean that the gamer has to play for 48 hours straight. Only that in those first 48 hours, a gamer can not be pulled away from their game for someone else's reasons.
Spouse: Hey, it's your day to do the dishes and take out the trash.

Gamer: "48-hour" rule, sorry.
by Atrayeus April 2, 2017
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when a female rocks the same pair of panties for more then 48 hours, causing crustation and a very foul odor, usually found on pilted ass bitches who got all there bags of clothes stolen from a motel 2 days prior.
dam boon i hope you didnt hit that, pilted patty was rockin the 48 hour panties for sure.
by bomber619 January 25, 2011
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Length of time available for a spouse or live-in mate to notice a newly purchased item before the purchaser can claim that the item has been there forever. The item must be conspiculously placed, and cannot be hidden. Good Luck!
I bought a new guitar, snuck it in the house and put it in the stand with the rest. Since Janie didn't notice for two weeks, the "48-hour" rule had lapsed so I could claim it had been there the whole time.
by LaustinTX73 May 24, 2010
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Most murders are solved in 48 hours, if they are not solved in that time frame they usually don't get solved.
Cop 1: first 48 hours has passed lets go do some hate crimes
Cop 2: Catch the game?
by scrag_10 April 11, 2008
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The freak-out one receives within 48 hours of school starting.
Guy: Dude fuck man, I got a 4 page essay for tomorrow on the first day of school. I hate school so much i think I'm going to move to Canada.

Guy2: No dude relax, its just the 48 hour freakout.
by Sir Tokesalot August 26, 2009
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