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Pesco-vegan diets formed by borrowing aspects of pescetarian/pesco-vegetarian & vegan diets.

PescoVegans ARE NOT vegan/vegetarian. By definition, a pesco-vegan qualifies as a pescetarian since they I incorporate seafood (fish &/or shellfish) into their diet sometimes AND choose to abstain from meat consumption (ie; mammals/red meat, other tetrapods/white meat & body tissue of other land animals)

Pesco-vegan diets forbid animal byproducts (ex: eggs & dairy); making it similar to seagan diets & the terms are sometimes interchanged. Pesco-vegans/Seagans often supplement their diets w/ seafood for motives of nutrition, medical issues, healthspan/lifespan longevity & wellbeing

Terminology Names:

Vegetarian = Portmanteau of “Vegetation” & “agrarian”. References vegetarians mainly eat vegetation

Vegan = Formed by narrowing “vegetarian” to only include the beginning & end. Name pattern might reference that options for vegans are narrower than it is for most vegetarians.

Pescetarian = Portmanteau of “pesce” (fish) & “vegetarian.” Name pattern references fish-inclusion (finnedfish &/or shellfish) in an otherwise vegetarian diet.

Pesco-vegan = Formed by affixing “pesco-” (pesco-vegetarian) to “vegan”. Name references it’s pescetarianism but more restrictive in that animal byproducts are eschewed

Seagan = Portmanteau of “Seafood” & “Vegan”. Similar to pesco-vegan or a form of pescovegan
Gen Zer: “None of my offspring, nieces, nephews, cousin’s kids eat meat anymore. They’re hard to cook holiday meals for because they all have different diets & preferences”

Boomer: “Well, I can’t even keep up with all these meatless diets that millennials and zoomers think are so great.”

Gen Zer: “It’s not too complicated. All meat abstainers are either vegetarian or pescetarian…”

Boomer: “That’s it?”

Gen Zer: “Not quite… CLASSIC-vegetarians don’t eat animals but do eat animal byproducts like eggs & dairy. LACTO-Vegetarians are similar but permit dairy & omit eggs. OVO-Vegetarians are similar but permit eggs & omit dairy. VEGAN-vegetarians won’t eat/use any animal sourced foods or products. CLASSIC-Pescetarians eat seafood sometimes but otherwise follow a classic-vegetarian diet. LACTO-Pescetarians permit dairy, not eggs. OVO-Pescetarians (incl: Pescans) permit eggs, not dairy. PESCO-VEGANS / SEAGAN-Pescetarians usually eat vegan but supplement their diet with seafood sometimes. HOPE THAT CLEARED THINGS UP!”

Boomer: “Clear as mud, thanks”
by IbreathAir October 24, 2022
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Essentially it’s methadone for people who have a diet soda dependence.
Jamie used to drink Diet Coke 5 times a day but now she drinks La Croix 10 times a day instead
by IbreathAir February 17, 2021
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The pussified term a full blown addict uses to describe their habit.

People who admit to having a “dependency” are almost always just trying to tip-toe around using the word “addiction”.
Liar: “Yes, I sometimes smoke cigarettes and drink liquid sugar but I only have a mild dependence.”
by IbreathAir December 24, 2020
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Rarely used term that identifies an individual who adheres a specific/particular diet pattern.

Not to be confused with a dieter which is the same thing as a slimmer ; someone who is currently dieting in attempts to slim down/get leaner.
Every gluten-free dietarian I’ve met is just doing it to follow trends.

Who’s more annoying & obnoxious; keto dietarians or vegan dietarians?
by IbreathAir February 17, 2021
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Thicker than Thic but not as thick as Thicc or Thick
The cat isn’t fat or chonky, he’s just a little thik.
by IbreathAir November 6, 2019
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A pussified way of admitting you have sugar addiction
Justin: “Angela pretends like she eats healthy but everyone knows she has the biggest sweet tooth in the family
by IbreathAir December 24, 2020
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An individual who fanatically abstains from eating fish.
Sable : What's the difference between Episcopalian and Lutheran?
Randy: Episcopalians don't eat fish.
by IbreathAir September 9, 2020
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