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Essentially it’s methadone for people who have a diet soda dependence.
Jamie used to drink Diet Coke 5 times a day but now she drinks La Croix 10 times a day instead
by IbreathAir February 17, 2021
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Pesco-vegan diets formed by borrowing aspects of pescetarian/pesco-vegetarian & vegan diets.

PescoVegans ARE NOT vegan/vegetarian. By definition, a pesco-vegan qualifies as a pescetarian since they I incorporate seafood (fish &/or shellfish) into their diet sometimes AND choose to abstain from meat consumption (ie; mammals/red meat, other tetrapods/white meat & body tissue of other land animals)

Pesco-vegan diets forbid animal byproducts (ex: eggs & dairy); making it similar to seagan diets & the terms are sometimes interchanged. Pesco-vegans/Seagans often supplement their diets w/ seafood for motives of nutrition, medical issues, healthspan/lifespan longevity & wellbeing

Terminology Names:

Vegetarian = Portmanteau of “Vegetation” & “agrarian”. References vegetarians mainly eat vegetation

Vegan = Formed by narrowing “vegetarian” to only include the beginning & end. Name pattern might reference that options for vegans are narrower than it is for most vegetarians.

Pescetarian = Portmanteau of “pesce” (fish) & “vegetarian.” Name pattern references fish-inclusion (finnedfish &/or shellfish) in an otherwise vegetarian diet.

Pesco-vegan = Formed by affixing “pesco-” (pesco-vegetarian) to “vegan”. Name references it’s pescetarianism but more restrictive in that animal byproducts are eschewed

Seagan = Portmanteau of “Seafood” & “Vegan”. Similar to pesco-vegan or a form of pescovegan
Gen Zer: “None of my offspring, nieces, nephews, cousin’s kids eat meat anymore. They’re hard to cook holiday meals for because they all have different diets & preferences”

Boomer: “Well, I can’t even keep up with all these meatless diets that millennials and zoomers think are so great.”

Gen Zer: “It’s not too complicated. All meat abstainers are either vegetarian or pescetarian…”

Boomer: “That’s it?”

Gen Zer: “Not quite… CLASSIC-vegetarians don’t eat animals but do eat animal byproducts like eggs & dairy. LACTO-Vegetarians are similar but permit dairy & omit eggs. OVO-Vegetarians are similar but permit eggs & omit dairy. VEGAN-vegetarians won’t eat/use any animal sourced foods or products. CLASSIC-Pescetarians eat seafood sometimes but otherwise follow a classic-vegetarian diet. LACTO-Pescetarians permit dairy, not eggs. OVO-Pescetarians (incl: Pescans) permit eggs, not dairy. PESCO-VEGANS / SEAGAN-Pescetarians usually eat vegan but supplement their diet with seafood sometimes. HOPE THAT CLEARED THINGS UP!”

Boomer: “Clear as mud, thanks”
by IbreathAir October 24, 2022
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The pussified term a full blown addict uses to describe their habit.

People who admit to having a “dependency” are almost always just trying to tip-toe around using the word “addiction”.
Liar: “Yes, I sometimes smoke cigarettes and drink liquid sugar but I only have a mild dependence.”
by IbreathAir December 24, 2020
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A cluster b;

Has Histrionic/Narcissistic/Antisocial or Borderline traits or Similar ones (Ex: Haltose,Sadistic, Abrasive negativistic, Meglomania, Egomania, Sociopathy, Psychopathy)can be called Clusters since their existence is a net negative to humanity too.

Dramatic,Vengeful,Manipulative, Attentionseeking, Inappropriate, Using,Abusive,Jealous,Defensive, SelfServing,Dishonest,Gaslights, Victimblames,Shames, Arrogant,Grandiose,Entitled,Impulsive,Untrustworthy, Controlling, Demanding,Invasive,FragileEgo,Disrespectful,ImpressionManaging, Relies on externa validation, feels justified holding self to lower standards than others, selective memory, Comfort/Pleasure from disempowering others, Desiring fame/power/veneration.
•Rage, Combativeness& even Violence in response to self awareness/realization that ideal self does not match true self/being exposed that the person they portray is not who they truly are •self concept not reliant on authenticity •takes critique as a threat/insult •victim complex, overt/covert superiority complexes •Denys accountability •suppression of empathy & regard & remorse

Clusters who think they are victims selfpity.Even if scars are self inflicted & lowgrade they exaggerate how bad they had it in their head. Some threaten suicide or botch attempts to get others to feel bad. In order to get what they want (ex; resources,sex,

relationships,attention, validation, sympathy,reputation, submission, power) the ends

always justify the means
“I have some empathy but no sympathy for jack. He knew Aly was a total cluster and got involved anyway. He needs to take accountability for the person he picked to be with”.

“I only feel sympathy for the people who get involved with clusters when a cluster is so good at masquerading a fake personality that they fool everyone.”

“Children and Adult Offspring of clusters should estrange their parents.”

“I heard Geoff fell down a well, but she was a cluster so nothing of value was lost. Glad his wife and kids don’t have to endure him anymore.”
by IbreathAir September 25, 2023
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A brand of of naturally alkaline mountain spring water from the Austrian Alps in a tall boy can. It’s meant to look like a beer can but the design is also reminiscent of energy drinks like Monster & Reign to.

Aggressively marketed to straight-edge punk rockers, healthy heavy metal hipsters, edgy teetotalers who don’t want to stand out among drinkers, people ditching energy drinks & kids who want to look like they’re drinking a something they aren’t supposed to.
Most fans seem to eschew soft drinks like soda as well but the carbonated version is much softer like beer (likely intentional so people trying to quit booze can experience a similar mouthfeel.)

Also has a charity element & environmentalist message; they donate a percent of proceeds to charities that clean ocean pollution & educate about how aluminum is much more recyclable than plastic. This makes it appealing to the socially-conscious crowd as well.

Brand is known for funny violent ads that trigger boomers & older Gen-Xers, purposely over the top & edgy videos , turning hate comments into metal & punk albums, making short films about murderous canned water from hell & inviting their customers to contractually sell their soul in exchange for water & a free tshirt.

Haters will say the buyers actually worship satan or only single dads with fragile masculinity like the product.
“Water is not yoga, water is Liquid Death”

“Grab a can of Liquid Death before it disappears”

“That's probably thrilling to your investors
Water for heavy metal hipsters”

LaCroix helped me quit CocaCola, Nixie helped me quit energy drinks, Liquid Death helped me quit beer, Oatly helped me quit cow’s milk.
by IbreathAir December 22, 2022
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Following a Ento-Vegan diet instead of a Vegan diet makes it much easier to get a desirable amount of beneficial vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids & other nutrients not easily found in substantial amounts and/or bioavailable form in plant-based foods.
by IbreathAir November 13, 2022
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Similar Terms: Entotarian, Ento-Vegetarian, Entovegetarian, Ento-Vegan, Entovegan

Entotarianism” is a protologism coined online in the 2010s. It’s the practice of eating insects + arachnids (and sometimes larvae/worms, myriapods & isopods) while abstaining from meat.
All these animals are often colloquially called “bugs” in America even though only certain insects are true bugs by definition.

Adherents of entotarianism may label themselves “entotarians” at risk of bemusing others since the term is unfamiliar (entotarianism & similar terms are so rarely searched that you can’t even run them through GoogleTrends)
Entotarian is a blend of “éntomon” (“insect” in Greek) w/ “vegetarian”—matching other diet terms that have the same pattern but are more established, popular & understood. {Examples: vegetation+ -arian (as in agrarian)= Vegetarian, pesce+vegetarian= Pescetarian, lac/lacticinia +vegetarian= Lactarian, fruit+vegetarian= Fruitarian} BUT this term is informal slang & unestablished since it’s niche jargon. No mainstream dictionaries list it nor have any prevalence studies been done. It’s likely very rare since entomophagy (insect consumption) is common in regions where protein-sources are scarcer. Adopting a non-medical dietary-restriction is rarer in these areas than in affluent countries where more people have the luxury to choose to reject an entire food group.
Entotarianism is rare in the west due to low-accessibility of bug-products & low-willingness to eat bugs.
Entotarian: “You guys should try my energy bars made from ground crickets made into a flour!”

Vegans, Vegetarians, Pescetarians, Flexitarian Meat-Limiters, Omnivorous Meat-Eaters, Carnivorous Meat-Lovers: “Eww, no freaking way”

Entotarian: “Billions of people eat insects! And have you heard of entotarianism? Hear me out before you say it sounds gross and weird.”

Everyone: “It sounds gross and weird.”

Entotarian: “They’re organic, meatless, low-carb, high-protein, high in essential aminos, high in antioxidants, highly-prebiotic, anti-inflammatory, sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, carbon-neutral, sustainably-produced and humanely-raised! They’re also a viable source of zinc, iron, B5, B7, B12, good fats, insoluble fiber…

Everyone: “No” **Walks away revolted**
by IbreathAir November 13, 2022
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