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An individual who fanatically abstains from eating fish.
Sable : What's the difference between Episcopalian and Lutheran?
Randy: Episcopalians don't eat fish.
by IbreathAir September 08, 2020
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1. A trade name for a dank strand of medicinally viable cannabis. It’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Origins trace it back to Cali.

2. Playful term for referring to someone with completely white, silvery, or pale gray hair. Can refer to someone with dyed hair or who has obtained it from the passage of time. In similar vein to calling your red head friend a “ginger”’or “carrot top”. Compare to: “granny hair”, “all salt”, “cotton top

3. When spelled as “sno-cap” it refers to a semi sweet chocolate candy you but at movie theaters and only eat during the previews.

4. Just another term for “Ice cap” on a mountain.
1. James said that he’s gonna try Snow cap from dispensary to see if it treats his migraines and anxiety as well as his usual strains.

2. Nana has decided to dye her entire head white and embrace being a snow cap instead of trying to cover up the white patches with brunette dye.

3. Sno caps never taste as satisfying as I expect.
by IbreathAir November 15, 2019
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Thicker than Thic but not as thick as Thicc or Thick
The cat isn’t fat or chonky, he’s just a little thik.
by IbreathAir November 06, 2019
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A pussified way of admitting you have sugar addiction
Justin: “Angela pretends like she eats healthy but everyone knows she has the biggest sweet tooth in the family
by IbreathAir December 24, 2020
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Money &/or Assets

Probably derived from the term bread winner
I barely make enough bread to break bread with my husband.
by IbreathAir February 26, 2021
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In some circles this is an insulting name when it’s used to refer to a man. It functions as a more discreet and marginally less derogatory way of saying an extreme femimale or the biggest faggot .

This meaning stems from the reference to that Durian has been nicknamed the “King of Fruits.” Which in actuality could of been a rather cool nickname if it wasn’t for FRUIT having extremely well known slang meanings that can be highly offensive to both men and women:

- a flaming homosexual or queer man

- a man seen as being feminine due to being outwardly flamboyant.

- a man perceived as somewhat queer, who also is seen as stereotypically girly because of other personality traits like; hypersensitivity, weakness, whines, emotional frailness, or being emotionally over-affected rather than handling.

So a “King of Fruits” or “Durian” would be Royally Fruit-like and more so than anyone else the speaker knows
Bob: “Oh great, there comes Derek, or should I say Durian. I could do without his verbose spiels about what his new dainty diet or what his shoes are made of”

Barbra: “Shut up Bob, he’s talked about those things literally only once and it only lasted two minutes”
by IbreathAir December 01, 2019
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