A group of people smoking marijuana together, in the "pass it around" sense.
You wanna have a little session before school tomorrow?
by TFS July 25, 2005
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The word 'Party' is dead.Session is the new word to descibe any event that has a group of people getting wasted.Whether it be by drink or drugs,it doesn't matter.

Sessions are wonderful social occasions and have become the event that every Irish person (like myself) aims to go to on a Friday/Saturday night.

A session can happen nearly anywhere.In a field,forest,gaf,abondoned barns ANYWHERE.

Me:Anything happening this weekend?

Mate: Yeah Paddy is havin' a session in his gaf.

by virginlungs May 27, 2006
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over the phone or computer electronic sex also known as e-sex or session created by iiamnewyork and axiom on discord
yo dm me, let’s have a session
by GIGBOOCH June 24, 2022
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A period of prolonged drinking leading to intoxication
Student to friend: "Are you up for a session?"
by Huzz September 17, 2006
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probably the sickest verb ever invented, for skiers snowboarders, skaters and anyone really. it means, to take part in, have some (of) or to just use something
dude lets go session that rail

yo can i session some of that sandwich?

hey can i session some of your coke slurpee?

yo let me session some of that!
by parker Roe January 18, 2006
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