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In pornography, an image that has been modified in order to make a womans breasts or other body parts larger, using an image editing program such as Photoshop.
those boobs aren't real man, its a morph!
by hendinas December 02, 2007
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when the impossible happens in a video game. sometimes this happens when too graphics overlap or become one.
Wosh: That reciever didn't even catch the ball. It just morphed into his hands.

Bass: There is always so much morphing in football games.

Wosh: I love morphs at 3 am, morphs that never end, dogs that love morphs....
by BASS & WOSH May 25, 2009
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(v.) The process of sexual intercourse in which both partners remain stationary and are subject to back-and-forth physiological switchings in gender. Stimulation is achieved through the friction occurring between the two sets of genitalia constantly inverting into and out of each other.
Hey, baby, I play a mean trombone... IN SPACE. Wanna morph?
by TheLoudestFan April 16, 2009
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After a long night of drinking, one's face slowly begins to slide down as though it were melting. In reality, it's as though the drinker has become a whole new person.
Wow, Kyle's been drinking since 3 PM?! Looks like the MORPH will be in full effect tonight.
by Tim Ahearn April 19, 2006
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An individual who is addicted to plastic surgery and, as such, changes in appearance frequently.
Ryan was certain that the model's breasts were real, but was sad to discover that their rapid change couldn't be explained by regular growth. She was most certainly a morph.
by Erotoxin December 18, 2008
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