2 definitions by Jack Pipe

Filipino word for “take care” which Filipinos like to use on expats because it’s very close to the Filipino word for “idiot”.
American guy: Nice to meet you!

Filipino guy: You too, ingat, ingot!
by Jack Pipe January 13, 2019
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The result of 48 hours or more on the keto diet will produce loose bowel movements masquerading as farts. The result being an obnoxious smell and destroyed underwear.
Aaliyah: I farted in the car last night and shit my pants.

Bertina: Are you on the Keto diet?
Aaliyah: Yes, how did you know?
Bertina: Ohhh girl, don’t you know? Never trust a keto fart.
by Jack Pipe January 20, 2019
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