Bertina: German for "bright, shining", and that's exactly what she is!

The sweetest, awesomest, friendliest girl you could ever know. Often so amazing that it stupifies you. Always makes impartial judgements and tries to be fair to everyone. Knows when to be responsible, and gives more than she receives. May be a little on the short side, with bright eyes and a tendency to be quiet. When you know a Bertina, your life will have a bit more light. Always has interesting conversation topics and very creative. Sacrifices herself for good work and for those that she treasures. A Bertina is a good and loyal friend you will remember forever and ever~

May be called Bert, Tina, Birdy, or Tuna. Will take almost every nickname graciously, too!
Person 1 : Do you remember a person called Bertina?
Person 2 : That awesome girl?
Person 1 : Exactly!
by soralaaa October 9, 2010
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