the produce of photosynthesis
Co2 + H2O + light = lavert +patterson(glucose)
over use of glucose results in lavertitis
by trey anderson November 8, 2007
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It's the reason why you are so fat. It's hidden in everything, from sprite, to lemonade. @.@

The secret hip enhancer.
by chowman November 8, 2006
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glucose was literally defined as the poop packer by my anatomy professor! so the new def. of glucose is fudge packer. call ur buddies glucose and they will have no clue what u mean!
You see that guy over there? He's straight glucose!
by Chyeah!69 August 28, 2008
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The most potent chemical known to humankind.
It was discovered in trace amounts of ALL of the people who were in cancer.
93% of who were exposed to this toxin are dead.
The survivers will also die.
The human body, when introduced this toxin stockpiles it in the liver, making it hard to get out of the body.
Few people have the ability to excrete this substance, some genetically.
Some organisms which have adapted have a strange thing called 'mitochondria' are able to break down this substance, breaking down two adenosine triphosphate molecules into adenosine diphosphate and deadly phosphoric acid.
It is also known to help the reproduction of mosquitoes.
It aids the process of losing DNA information at the end of the chain.
Unlike cyanide, there is no known antidote.

I warn you not to get close to this material, as it can slowly kill you.
If you have been contaminated, such as I am, you will die for sure.
Some chemicals are made to toxic glucose by digestive juices, so beware.
by Jekr December 9, 2018
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Gender neutral term for an older (but not always) individual who takes care of someone in the form of money or expensive gifts oftentimes in exchange for companionship or sexual favors
Steve: damn I'm so broke dude I need me a glucose guardian

Dave: man what?

Steve: yeah dude sugar daddy, sugar momma I don't care I just need money
by Youngmagi December 1, 2016
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Someone who is smart (hence glucose) and is just a typical daddy (rich, older, fit)
by flerker March 29, 2018
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