Originated from Danish Gods.
Has the power to heal the broken with a smile or the sound of the soft genuine voice thats like your favorite song.
She love adventure making music that plays to the soul.
Jenna can make a normal day amazing with just a word or two.
Jenna can save a life with just a smile.

Jenna is so beautiful all the stars shine bright just to get her attention.

Jenna can sure make melting music with her guitar *Hank*
by You will alway be MFS Baby April 22, 2016
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Jenna is the girl you look at and you drown in her color changing eyes. She is a bit shy when you don’t know her but only grows the more your around her. Jenna will blow you away with her intelligence even tho you’ll question her common sense. She makes it easy to only notice her when your in a crowd, not from her actions but from her incredible beauty. She’ll make jokes that will match your sense of humor that you thought no one else had. She has her sport where she can electrify the crowd which makes everyones eyes fall on her. She always finds her guy in an odd way. Jenna will cause him to only think about her and it’ll be like there’s no other girl in the world that can compare. She makes the ones around her happy and you can always talk to her. Jenna will always keep life interesting with her wild pranks that only make you love her even more. She can be hard on herself but that’s only because she wants the best. When you find yourself a Jenna hold on tight and never let go because she’s amazing.
Wow! You’re dating a Jenna you are so lucky.
by Mattythemachine November 13, 2018
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Jenna is a fun-loving, beautiful girl. She can be weird and quirky, but her friends love her. She can be hard on herself and is feels down a lot. She always is kind and helpful, and very passionate about things she loves.
Person: "Wow! You're so funny, Jenna!"
Jenna: *smiles*
by ImAPersonOfLife June 1, 2017
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A person who looked their name up.
Jenna: Let me just look my name up on Urban Dictionary real quick!
by BOBBYJOE11 October 3, 2018
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A bad ass chick. She’s gorgeous, kind, funny and has a dirty mind. She is always fierce and sticks to her statement. Don’t mess with her, If you ever get to be more than friends with this girl then you’re lucky. She is very picky and knows what she wants, She may hate herself sometimes (only to think she’s the shit a few mins later) She is a fun person who likes to party but is careful, A dork who cracks jokes and true, genuine person. Jenna is the kind of woman you want in your life.
Oh that’s definitely a jenna! She’s fine!
Jenna is so pretty why can’t i be her
I’m hanging out with jenna
by xalshakwowoufg December 8, 2018
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A very kind smart girl.She is always looking out for others before herself. She is a total tomboy and is a a great best friend. She can make the oddest faces that always make you laugh. You can confind in her and trust her. Now go and find a Jenna.
That girl is a total Jenna.
by Cute,calm,collected05 March 15, 2017
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