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Unique bracelets or necklaces usually worn by ravers. Kandie is made of bright, colorful beads with stars, letters, or other random things on them. Ravers make and trade kandie for each other when they meet at a rave. The whole significance of kandie is the remembrance of the rave you got the kandie from and the special person who gave it to you. Ravers also wear kandie because it looks cute and because it's a fashion statement in the rave scene today.
You can usually tell if someone is a raver if they are wearing kandie.
by AKQKUBAZ March 25, 2008
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A very sweet girl that absolutely everyone loves. You are lucky if you are to meet one of these amazing people
Girls: Wow I wish I could be a Kandie
by Koolaidman08 August 19, 2019
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Last name of a weird African kid you'll probably never meet. Kandies are usually found with mudpies/dirtpies.
Ew is that Matthew Kandie?! Look he's eating a mud pie.
by Bad Dick Sexy Male April 18, 2019
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