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Handcuffs, (usually meant to describe the metal kinds)
"We want Sevino in bracelets" .......The Wire

"That bitch ass DT had them bracelets on me tight as hell"
by jr 101 September 19, 2007
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Shy,tormented and sexually frustrated platonic male friend constantly accompanying a flirty, wanton married woman. Platonic arm candy or friend as accessory.
"Oh look, there's Jacky with one of her bracelets, Doug".
by dr. gummybear February 05, 2010
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Nick name for adult braces, anyone who wears braces after the age of 25.
Hey, did you see the bracelets on that guy?? He even has colored bands!! Nice effin bracelets dude!!!
by Silly RN January 04, 2008
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