Yo, check out all my Kandy
I made mad Kandy last night
wanta trade kandy?
by Smythe February 28, 2003
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City in Sri Lanka
Every man's dream
Every thots nightmare
What dreams are made of
The closest place to heaven is Kandy, Sri Lanka.
by Delfancy December 19, 2016
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The most amazing person you'll ever meet. He has the biggest, warmest heart. He is amazing, perfect and everything a friend/girlfriend would want. Kandy can make you lose your little fights with his charm, and Kandy can make you go crazy for him. Absolutely handsome and the epitome of sexy, Kandy knows how to please his woman and never fails. She will never tire of hearing his sweet, velvety voice, and it will always hurts to let him go for the night. His kisses will always put butterflies in her stomach, his gentle touch will always send shivers through her body, and his laugh will always bring warmth to her heart.
"Dude, who is that?"

"Its Kandy"

"Man, he is sexy"
by Lauren2468 December 29, 2017
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Narcotics of any sort
Bud, Pills, etc.
"Can you get us some kandy?"
"What'cha need?"
by Anonymous September 3, 2003
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A neologism made up of the two German words "kacken" which means to poop and "handy" which means cell phone.
It’s used when u play with your cell phone while sitting on the toilet.
Christoph: „Bro, what have u done at work today?“
Max: „Damn! Not that much.. I was doin a 1,5 hour kandy!“
by westend4life March 2, 2022
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A misspelling of the word Candy or of the name Candy (short for Candace) which is often found among the illiterate, unschooled, lower classes, lower socio-economic groups or folks from the Ozarks or possibly Southern Oregon.
Holy gee, there goes Kandy! Wish she'd learn how to dress appropriately.


Did you ever notice how people who spell their name "Kandy" are almost always overweight and can't spell?
by Barmby Girl June 25, 2009
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Kandy is another word for crystal methamphetamine. It comes in large size to the smallest.
Hey Michael, do you have any kandy to smoke today?
by Pink Boy November 2, 2015
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