27 definitions by Smythe

a type of danceing that is popular on the Rave scene.
did you see that guy liquid?!!!
I rock at doing liquid!!!
by Smythe February 28, 2003
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To get with a girl wearing yoga pants. Only to find out later that she has no ass.
Damn bro, I got yoga ruffied last night.
by Smythe October 17, 2013
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Used to describe a man who has a small penis.
That guy's a twiny-winy... but he's not!!
by Smythe November 9, 2003
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Board which is made out of card (hard paper), can be used for eating purposes or making cubbys out of, smells like mouldy bathroom.
i could do with some cardboard right now!
by Smythe October 20, 2004
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A Kandy Kid is someone who wears Kandy and listens to Techno and goes to Raves they dress all cute and such like they were five and give out plenty of hugs for no reason.
Are you a Kandy Kid?
Hey I'am a Kandy Kid!!!!
by Smythe February 28, 2003
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Its a crew of uber,cool, shway dudes that represent Syracuse, NY
Yo, its.. Lunch Box, Nickolious, T-Dog, Doug Danger, and Smythe they are the crew of 315.
by Smythe March 28, 2003
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Its German for hermaphrodite, also a very shway Rammstein song.
Yo...this kid Nickolicious is a Switter.
by Smythe March 28, 2003
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