someone, regardless of gender identity, who

1. is admirably kind or well-intentioned
2. displays some form of naivete
or 3. is clearly not kind or well-intenioned, but people in different circles/generations still hold them in high regard because of a lack of awareness or discernment.
Defintion 1.
Jade: Taylor said my outfit was nice today. (S)he’s such a sweet girl.

Definition 2.
Brian: I think President Trump is going to Make America Great Again!
Max: Aw Brian, you’re a sweet girl.

Definition 3.
Mom: That Candace from down the street is such a sweet girl.
Daughter: Are you kidding? She told our geometry teacher that “maybe she wouldn’t be divorced if she wasn’t such a fat bitch” and then forged a dismissal letter so she could go egg her house.
by dickyb July 28, 2018
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