anal cream pie, i.e. the act of ejaculating inside someone's asshole while performing anal sex.
Johan didn't pull out of her ass in time, thus giving Samantha a nice mudpie.
by Doomie June 07, 2004
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This is when you are doing a girl from behind and you crap in your hand a reach around and smash the "mud pack" all in the girls face. This is an extreme Dirty Sanchez.
I was having my way with a gal the other night and gave her the ole mud pie.
by dirty February 12, 2004
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When a male anally penetrates a female then pulls out of her shvinkter and puts his poo-covered penis into her vagina and penetrates that way, thus combining the "mud" (poo) and "pie" (pussy) and eating it.
"This mud pie is so sweet and tangy!"
by Gandhi44 November 29, 2004
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When you crap in your pants, then remove them. You proceed to tell your loved one to close their eyes. Then you proceed to slap her in the face with the excrement ladened under garments.
by Bob February 20, 2005
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A Mississippi mud pie is when you have anal sex with someone you are related to
Me and sis Mississippi mud pied last night!
by Mississippimudbutt April 11, 2016
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When you transition from shitting into a girl's mouth to packing her shit filled mouth with your flacid penis. A Midwest speciality growing rapidly out of Minneapolis, MN.
Dudemanbro, I just dug up that one bitch we gave the Gonzo Mud Pie on Halloween and she's still wearing that same fucking costume.
by Humarrogance October 05, 2008
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It's a common trend in D1 fraternities to initiate pledges with the good ole Whitser mud pie. First the pledges are instructed to get incoherently intoxicated (as always and for their safety and benefit in this mission). They are then brought some sort of ratchet female, sometimes other females that go to the university that guys have ran through or more commonly referred to now as thots, or sometimes a below average stripper. The female is instructed to take a poop and not wipe, as the pledge has to "eat her ass" and clean her hole for her. Once he has satisfied his cleaning job, he is to pose for a single headshot type picture of himself smiling (teeth must be shown). This photo will be kept in his fraternity portfolio for the duration of his time at college.
Whister Mud Pie is loved by college frat plegdes!
by Barry Luckholtz September 17, 2018
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