Bracelets made out of chunky beads or pony beads of many colors given as friendly gestures at parties and raves.
i got 5 pieces of kandi at the party last nite!
i am a kandi kidd
by PJ December 10, 2003
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Could be bracelets, necklaces, headbands, cuffs, all made from chunky beads. Pony beads, colorful beads, plushy animals, sometimes have attachments, such as pacifiers. Given away at raves, or elsewhere, by people who live by PLUR. Wonderful forms of friendship and kandi is a great way to create lasting memories.
Person one: "I made a piece of Kandi for you!"

Person two: "Aww, k*otic, you didn't have to!"

Person one: "Just wanted to show some PLUR"
by rave queen July 15, 2009
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Is an amazing woman who many refer to as a goddess. Her beauty and bliss is stunning. She leaves a little sparkle wherever she may go. Forever leaving a lasting impression.

Her intelligence is out of the realm of many, she is often misunderstood as snobby, but had little time for stupidity.
See the glitter, Kandi was here.
by Kh1205 November 2, 2015
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name for a female, derivative from the name Candy, or a short-form of kandise, can be spelled in different ways.
"My daughter's name is Kandi."
by chef's wife July 25, 2009
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A newa and hipped up version of the equally "naff" name: Candi.
Kandi likes willies.
by Kandi *scowls* May 3, 2005
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A beautiful girl whose friends with most of the boys but she will end up dating a Jacob and will always love him also she is hot ass body with a big ass and tits
Kandi has a big ass and tits

Kandi dating Jacob
by Iran June 24, 2017
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Unique bracelets or necklaces usually worn by ravers. Kandie is made of bright, colorful beads with stars, letters, or other random things on them. Ravers make and trade kandie for each other when they meet at a rave. The whole significance of kandie is the remembrance of the rave you got the kandie from and the special person who gave it to you. Ravers also wear kandie because it looks cute and because it's a fashion statement in the rave scene today.
You can usually tell if someone is a raver if they are wearing kandie.
by AKQKUBAZ March 26, 2008
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