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The stringlike cord (similar to the open end of a PE bag of the 80's) that is used to keep the arsehole closed. A device such as this is fitted to people who have lost control over the anal sphincter due to excesive buggery
Peter, we have had to fit you with an "anal drawstring" so that you dont shit yourself all the time.
by PJ January 23, 2005
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a man who uses his anus like a vagina, frequently
"i have an itchy abcess on my ttyson," said pj
by PJ January 17, 2004
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when a female forcefully expells air from her vagina causing a noise.

squid is short for pussy fart
Amy let out a loud squid when she bent over
by PJ November 5, 2004
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anit-game, nuetralizes all game in the area.

sabotage of others ability to pimp
I had the that chick jockin until Jimmy walked over with his stank game
by PJ October 24, 2003
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It means someone is dead. It refers to how the person is found. toe up or toe down.
We thought he was sleeping, but after he laid there for 3 days we realized he was toe up.
by PJ April 29, 2005
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You know the deal I fuck his wife while
he fucks mine. It's all good!
by PJ February 26, 2003
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Get your nasty skank dogs off the coffee table.
by PJ November 22, 2004
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