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A highly concentrated nicotine vaporizer which underage kids use to get a buzz. It is commonly mistaken for a USB stick which makes it easy to take use in class. A rip from this device is usually referred to as a 'wop' and the stick itself is also known as a wop machine. High school age kids often ask to use the bathroom, but instead they are getting nic rpped in the bathroom off of wops.
Student: Hey teacher can I drop a log in the bathroom right quick?
Teacher: Yeah get your shitty smellin ass outta my classroom.
Student gets into bathroom and immediately starts takin mad wops from his USB lookin ass Juul.
by Chill Jill May 22, 2017
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a vape that fifteen year old's buy from their friends in college because they think it's cool. A Juul pod contains as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes and many highschoolers have gone to the clinic from emptying several pods in a day.
kids who Juul generally don't like to publicize the fact that they Juul but are always willing to pack into the bathrooms and stink the entire room to shit. when non Juulers go into the bathroom they are greeted by five to ten concerned faces of "popular" kids and a wall of nicotine strong enough to make you pass out. hall monitors never seem to care but when the drug dogs come in once a month half the students shit themselves.
when the state trooper came to school for a demonstration in a forensics class his dog shit itself barking at students pants and he left with sever hundred dollars in juul pieces
by bigric1213 November 27, 2017
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A small e cig that gives a buzz that some say is better than sex comes in 5 flavors Mint Tobacco Creme Brûlée and Fruit in the starter kit but you can cop some sick mango ones online
Yo you got pods I'm out and I'm tryna rip juul
by JuuliusErving May 11, 2017
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Something high-schoolers smoke to get a “buzz”. Don’t get sucked into the craze. Weed is so much better. It tastes fine, but it’s not worth the ridiculously expensive nicotine addiction and breathing problems.
Michael - “Lemme hit the juul with the mango pods. I’m fucking hype - they’re so good.”
Josh - “Fine... I’m wasting my third pod this week though. Buy me another one by Thursday.
Chill kid - “Jeez. Just smoke a joint already. Maybe it’ll make you less of stuck-up dumbass.”
by DepressedBoi November 21, 2017
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A type of vape mainly only seen being used by Vape Lords
Yo you see that guy with his new Juul.

Yea what a Vape Lord
by Gln<3 June 18, 2016
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A small, black, highly concentrated nicotine god sent vapor device. Any real nic fiend in 2018 owns one. Young High School fuckers pay 100 bucks to get one and spend another 50 for a pack of pods. Little middle school faggots buy one for a ludicrous price to hop on the wave and end up becoming Nic fiends. In High School every time you go to the bathroom to catch a quick buzz theres always some ass duster asking you and the other 10 people in the bathroom if they got a juul, typically asked to look cool or because they're too broke to go buy pods on their own. Most common asked question "Yo, you got a juul?"
'walks into the bathroom starts ripping' the FUCK out of the juul until some little homo walks in'
"Yo you got a juul?
"Get the fuck out"
by XxYoungChimpxX January 08, 2018
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