Used by Upchurch and his skins. Can be used as a greeting ex(what’s up fuggin) and to call some it in the right context
Damn fuggin you ain’t gotta drive so fast
by That one dude everyone knows September 26, 2020
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A weaker version of the word fucking. Used when fucking is not necessary. Also used when you wish to diversify your vocabulary and not sound like you're swearing every sentence. Often used as a positive word.

Not used as a sexual term.
Damn, that graffiti is fuggin awesome!
by Bacon August 7, 2003
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I'm going fuggin out tonight and I might even get fuggin laid, at least I fuggin hope so. Fuggit
by Bwak August 23, 2017
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A cross between fucking and thugging, especially when using fake bling jewellery as a sex toy.


I got so Mashup, I let Julian and Brezno fug me at the same time.
Oh yeh, fug me good!!!

we be fuggin

My ass hurts, I been fuggin too much
by EON (-||-) December 26, 2005
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gentler spelling of fucking, used to show exasperation as an adjective or adverb.
After that race, I was fuggin beat!
by Mike Monsport September 30, 2007
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"I would have thought the fuggin' definition would be obvious but noooooo."
by Minne-fuckin-sotaJIM November 2, 2019
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Used by people in a severely alcoholicly inebriated state (i.e. pissed out of their head) when they attempt to say fucking.
The 'ck' loses its sharpness and becomes 'gg' and the 'g' at the end completely dissapears
Also used as an 'not-so-sweary' alternative to the word 'fucking', when talking to people like the Vicar or Aunt Agatha
See also fuggin and fugging
Bozo the drunken clown slurred 'yer me best fuggin' mate y'are', his arms reaching out to embrace someone he had met only five minutes ealier.
The man sidestepped to avoid the clowns drunken hug, causing Bozo to over balance and tumble down the large flight of stairs ahead.
by D7 July 29, 2005
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