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A highly concentrated nicotine vaporizer which underage kids use to get a buzz. It is commonly mistaken for a USB stick which makes it easy to take use in class. A rip from this device is usually referred to as a 'wop' and the stick itself is also known as a wop machine. High school age kids often ask to use the bathroom, but instead they are getting nic rpped in the bathroom off of wops.
Student: Hey teacher can I drop a log in the bathroom right quick?
Teacher: Yeah get your shitty smellin ass outta my classroom.
Student gets into bathroom and immediately starts takin mad wops from his USB lookin ass Juul.
by Chill Jill May 22, 2017
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When you take a rip from a juul.
Dude 1: Yooo can i get a wop in the bathroom next period?
Dude 2: Hell yeah bro I'm finna get soooo nic ripped from this shit.
by Chill Jill May 22, 2017
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Brotha 1: Yoo you tryna light up a boge right quick?
Brotha 2: Nah bruv my wop machine will get me just as nic ripped.
by Chill Jill May 22, 2017
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