A nicotine stick that all edgy teens seem to adore. Adults who use these can be respected, as a “Juul” is a good alternative to cigarettes and has helped lots of people quit.
Yo, can I hit your fuckin’ Juul?
Fuggin’ shhuure dude. It’s 50 nic.

Matty ripped a fuggin’ Juul dude.

by yowheresmyjuul January 7, 2019
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A small e cig that gives a buzz that some say is better than sex comes in 5 flavors Mint Tobacco Creme Brûlée and Fruit in the starter kit but you can cop some sick mango ones online
Yo you got pods I'm out and I'm tryna rip juul
by JuuliusErving May 11, 2017
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A small, black, highly concentrated nicotine god sent vapor device. Any real nic fiend in 2018 owns one. Young High School fuckers pay 100 bucks to get one and spend another 50 for a pack of pods. Little middle school faggots buy one for a ludicrous price to hop on the wave and end up becoming Nic fiends. In High School every time you go to the bathroom to catch a quick buzz theres always some ass duster asking you and the other 10 people in the bathroom if they got a juul, typically asked to look cool or because they're too broke to go buy pods on their own. Most common asked question "Yo, you got a juul?"
'walks into the bathroom starts ripping' the FUCK out of the juul until some little homo walks in'
"Yo you got a juul?
"Get the fuck out"
by XxYoungChimpxX January 8, 2018
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A type of vape mainly only seen being used by Vape Lords
Yo you see that guy with his new Juul.

Yea what a Vape Lord
by Gln<3 June 18, 2016
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Probably the gayest thing next to a strap on dildo, known to give 14 year olds the deadly disease "Ligma" and was marketed to help bring down the use of cigarettes but has indefinitely caused one of the worst underage smoking outbreaks.
Friend: "Hey why do you go to the bathroom every class period?"

Kid: "To rip the fuckin juul bro all day, everyday."
Friend: "Oh, I'm sorry. I...I didn't realize you were into men"
by Goiyemjefferson September 23, 2018
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Juul retarded vape kids use because it hits hard and some get buzzed quick.
Bro that nigga has a juul lets feen off it. "Take a few hits I gotta get more pods".
by The_one_person March 3, 2019
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