From Andre Nickatina's track "Ayo for Yayo":
Ayo for yayo
Walk around with yayo
All in my nasal
I musta been craze yo
by DJLP December 22, 2008
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an ill-ass move, (usu. in sports like skateboarding, but not limited to)
sheeit, that mo fucka can throw some craze!
by Terry Staats September 2, 2003
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inspiring awe or admiration or wonder
Bro, that cereal was craze!
by wedsat April 21, 2011
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a state of craziness often contributed to excessive studying.
dayam.. chirag, nick, kevin, izik, and tim are freakin craze.
by uperb June 7, 2003
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To be active on the forums.
by Morrowslay April 4, 2005
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The state a person enters after they have already been acting crazy.
That bitch been acting crazy for weeks. Now she just a crazed ho.
by ItsNewmanBitch July 6, 2010
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Describes an act of foolhardiness, a way of life or simply acts to fill stop-start conversations.
Man 1 :The weathers lovely.

Man 2: Crazee!
by JimBob MacGregor June 14, 2003
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