something only gay kids do in the bathrooms in highschool. also they have a youtube channel about it and also probably do cocaine
teachers: don't juul in the bathrooms!

gay kid: BuT jUuL iS cOoL
by h2oleansamegame June 03, 2018
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haha did u see that tik tok where courtney was talking about a juul
by fuepueta October 22, 2019
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WAYYYY better than smoking. Hip with the kids. The new e-cig. edgy. I want one. I am out of pods. Can I have a pod? HAHAHAHA look im edgy. hahahaha tit
Apparently my grandson found my juul in the bathroom and he asked if he could hit it. I asked him how he knew what it was and he just laughed and walked away.
via giphy
by J0m0than November 03, 2018
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Something you get mad buzzed off of. Much better than a phix which is a knockoff that poor kids buy.
Yo can I get a rip of ur juul ?
Fuck a phix do it for juul
by XANMAN16 February 28, 2018
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