a cringy vape 9th graders use to seem less white than they really are.
Dude you wanna hit my Juul?
by lilnene1128 November 3, 2018
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Something pussies who can’t handle nicotine use because they need the airflow so they don’t die of a cough attack. #phixboys
Can that lightweight rip your juul because he coughed when he hit the phix?
by nicotinegod March 17, 2018
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The greatest e cig/ vape ever. Had the smoothest hit and the best flavor. But you have to spend billions every week in pods that leak. The best to worst flavors: Virginia Tobacco (nice and strong flavor), Mango (tastes more like fruit than Fruit Medley), Fruit Medley (sweet flavor), Mint (basically ice mint gum flavor), Cool Cucumber (not all that bad), Creme Brûlée (tastes good for like three hits then it tastes like sh*t). They had a limited edition flavor: Coco Miint, Mango is now unlimited, an there’s now two new limited edition flavors: Classic Menthol and Classic Tobacco. There’s also a limited edition blue Juul device and a rumored red version. Overpriced in most retail stores but is cheaper on the website. The worlds greatest vape so far.
Mom: Is that a Juul?!
User: it’s a flash drive

Mom: then why is it plugged in the wall?
User: Uuuh, it’s a wireless flash drive that needs to be charged
by lilgucciboy January 10, 2018
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I’m trynna win an argument here
David, juul’s arent gay.
by Gaylen gay December 2, 2018
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A nicotine vaporizing device that has become popular among high schoolers due to the unique “buzz” it produces. If a kid asks to use the bathroom now days, they’re most likely going to the bathroom to use their Juul. Some kids tend to make it extremely obvious as when one walk into the bathroom they woukd see 10 kids in the bathroom in a circle with smoke permeating in the air.
“You got a Juul bro
by Cmmnsens May 7, 2018
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A pussy-ass version of smoking, which is a pussy-ass version of doing Mary Jane.
Performed usually by the intellectually deficient, Juuling is the act of taking a hit of flavored water vapor mixed with a high dose of nicotine. Marketed to teenagers despite laws prohibiting the sale of nicotine products to minors.
Despite Marijuana being far, far better than nicotine-filled flavored water, most teenagers will agree that Juul and the company's products are better than the weed. These teenagers don't have the balls to take a hit of the green anyways, and it's illegal for both of the products to be sold and consumed by minors.
by Wafzal2 Productions April 25, 2019
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An item procured by 15-18 year olds from their college aged friends to express their absolute douchebaggery and latent homosexuality on social media.
Yo man, lemme hit that Juul! I need Monica and her friends to know what a complete douchebag I am!
by Sonofposeidon4 February 5, 2019
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