A Juul is an electronic cigarette that can help smokers lean off of cigarettes. Juuls are a healthier alternative to real cigarettes.

Juuls are commonly used in public high schools. Many teenagers misuse juuls to get a head rush, A.K.A. “heady”. Most become addicted before they even know it, and will do anything for a couple drags off the Juul. Juul devices as well as Juul pods, can be used as currency in these public schools. Some may trade Juul pods for homework answers. Some even go as far as to prostitute themselves for a Juul device... Teens that go to such far lengths for a head rush are also known as “fiends”.

”Juuling” can be very helpful for adult smokers who are trying to break a bad habit, however it can also be detrimental to the physical and mental well-being of teenagers.
“Yo man can I rip your juul? I’ll give you money”.

“nah bro you’re like 12 years old. go back to class”.

Hey bud can I rip your Juul”?

“Fuck off”.

“Hey I’ll give you a BJ for a juul”.

“First of all, that’s fucked up that you would do that for a Juul. Second, who are you? Do I know you? And lastly, that’s gross”.
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by Three ay em October 04, 2018
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It’s like a dinosaur but way cooler. It puffs out magical smoke that gives you 4 wishes. You can suck on one like you suck on your step Father’s balls after he tied you up and forced it apon you.
Kid #1: is that a juul?

Kid #2: yes its The best thing in the world.
by Air Row June 22, 2018
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A nicotine vaporizer which makes all other vaporizers relevant and primitive. It is possibly the best invention ever created in modern history. Again, lowly "vapes" are stone-age compared to the Juul. 10 hits off a vape will get you buzzed. 10 hits off a Juul and you can't fucking walk.
Vape owner: Dude wanna hit my sick new mod?
Juul owner: Fuck your cave-man ass piece of shit proceeds to get domed as fuck
by Eggmeme November 16, 2017
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something that i like to rip a fatty ghost on with a mint pod
yo tonio where's that juulster broski i dont wanna smoke a bogey
by JaySeaEss September 26, 2020
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hey man wanna hit my juul? todays flavor is burning children
"hey kid wanna hit my juul"
"is the flavor zesty mango?"
"yeah sure whatever that will cost $69 dollars"
by Raini.rodriguez.is.my.mom April 17, 2019
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The Juul (often referred to as the devils USB stick) is thin black almost bone like organism that dwells in the deepest part of middle school bathrooms. The Juul constantly feeds for the suck and in will lure in 13 year olds with its phat clouds.
by Bid Ol’ Boi March 01, 2019
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