A small godly device that gives u the best buzzes of your life
This juul buzz is so lit

Dude I know pass the juul
by Juulgod6969 December 05, 2016
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Small black box device that give u a buzz so nice it'll leave you with spunk to clean up in your pants
Bro you have the new Mango JUUL pods?

Hells yeah
by J(rape)uul February 12, 2017
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The reason we live on this planet. If you aren't hip to the juul, the wheels are down.
"What flavor you rippin? Tryna get on juul boyz? Got a Mint Pod?"
by Cli.Max.Ed January 23, 2017
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What dumbass fuckers use to seem edgy, cool, and careless while damaging their lungs. They usually smell like shit and like to flex their juul on Instagram, Snapchat, or whatever platform they want to use, getting hundreds of likes and comments in return. Juul users are typically annoying as shit and love to inform you on all the different kinds of flavors and whatnot.
"Dude, can I get a hit of your juul hehe :3"

"Lmfaooo! Sure haha. We're so chill, rebellious, and mysterious!"
by gentle snowflakes November 15, 2018
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