Fabulous, sparkling, amazingly and totally ahead of the fashion trend.
"Guuurl, that dress is sooooo budi!"
by Phangtsuei February 4, 2010
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budi: the meaning of real man, gentleman-like, courageous, polite and with exquisite taste.
omg i would love to have a man that’s so budi
by matthewaznnn August 27, 2020
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The art of studying while on your bed.

Preferably after a long night of facebooking, or youtubing.
Bed + Studying= Budying.

Not to be confused with buddying.
Guy 1: Hey man, you look real tired, you ok?

Guy 2: Dude, budying all night...Ms. Patterson's a bitch.
by budying November 8, 2010
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To have flame bud so beautiful taht it is budiful
"dooooodddd that waterfall is beutiful"
"Why are u looking at that, this O.G. kush dank is budiful"
by Evan420str8killaweed May 9, 2008
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In Seriaki language word Budi is used for pussy.
She has a tight budi.
by TheWondrous May 21, 2009
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