A pod for a juul that contains flavoring and nicotine. tf did you expect at this point?
im outta fuckin Juul Pods dude. fuck
by Girth-Quake July 01, 2019
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The vape appliance, juul. You put pods in it which are filled with juice that contains nicotine. You can buy a pack containing 1/5 flavors (or in the starter pack 4 of the flavors) mint, tobacco, fruit, crême, and the absolute best of all (and fuck you all juul stores for never having any left in stock) mango.
Just blew threw a whole pack of juul pods this weekend and now I gotta go back to the store and Buy more
by Heeeyooo April 03, 2017
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The best tasting and rarest Juul pod around. As soon as you hit a Mango Juul Pod you get that nice nicotine rush followed by the juiciest mango flavor. Unfortunately, teens got it banned and the Mango Juul Pod is no longer sold to people 21 and under.
The Mango Juul Pod is the best of its kind
by pseudonymname24 March 13, 2019
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When someone runs out of juul pods and have no way of getting more. The addiction for pods leaves the user feeling down, since they can't quench their thirst for nicotine. This is the Juul Pod Blues
"Yo homie why you so down?"
"I got the Juul Pod Blues dude"
"Shit man"
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Verb. When one performs cunnilingus on a woman on her period.
"We couldn't fuck, but I did eat a juul pod with her."
by BiggerDinosaurus April 05, 2019
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