A gummy bear is the most amazing person on earth, they're sweet caring and funny. They also give great hugs and are really comfortable to sleep on.
You're a gummy bear
by noodlesssssss September 24, 2019
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a big burly gay man with no teeth ready to give a blow job.
man, its hard to find a good gummy bear in this town.
by saigo yami March 2, 2014
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Receiving fellatio from an elderly woman with no teeth.
Todd got a job at the nursing home so he could get a few gummy bears from the residents.
by ToddGeoff May 21, 2008
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a girl with big boobs and big butt and is slightly overweight but makes it look cute and is quite short, the usual cut off is 5ft 2 but some will consider someone below 5ft 4 a gummy bear as well.
aww ur girlfriend is such a gummy bear!
shes so short but damn those tits are big

yeah isnt she a cutie and i know right im so lucky
by thefailwhale June 17, 2010
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The act a male performs when placing one's genitals in the mouth of a sleeping senior citizen when their gums are out.
Josh's grandma is asleep, gums are out, and gummy bear is in the air!
by Rah December 28, 2002
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One who is into the rave scene, specifically, one who goes to raves and dresses in bright colors with motifs like rainbow bright, smurfs, and such. Usually adorned with excessive colorful plastic jewelry, pacifiers. Gummy bears are further strongly defined by their use of ecstasy and optimistic outlook.
Jim always wears those big rainbow pants and Ninja Turtle shirts; he's such a gummy bear.
by RuinousCreation January 13, 2005
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A gummy bear is one who hasn't wiped up after whacking it or getting some sweet bear booty.
Smokey was a very gummy bear after three hours of flogging the dolphin while watching internet porn.
by scodder April 26, 2010
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