A beautiful girl who sometimes struggles with controlling her emotions. Is somewhat athletic but mostly excels in the social field as she has made friends with many of the people in her grade. Although she has many strengths she is lacking in self-esteem at times and can become stressed, many times over her grades even though she is pretty smart. She also believes that she is ugly although she doesn't see how beautiful she truly looks to everyone else.

Side facts:

-prefers to be called Mya.
-is currently dating Kevaun(Kevin)Porter
STATS for Amya Jorden:
Athleticism: 45%
Intelligence: 85%
Sexiness: 95%
Emotions: 30%
Social: 97%
by EliTran May 31, 2019
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A very smart girl who is kind to everyone she meets. Typically has a great body and nice eyes. Creative, honest, intelligent and athletic. Once you meet her you'll want to be friends. Loyal and caring listens to everyone's problems and tries to find ways to help. Casey-Jorden's are great at giving advice. Although very sweet at heart Casey-Jorden's have the temper of a lion if you cross them. She's beautiful to look at and has great taste in fashion, loves clothes, shoes and music. Classy never trashy. She has the craziest sense of humor and makes everyone laugh. Makes your jaw drop when she walks past.

Typically an American name.
1) Damn I wish I was Casey-Jorden
2) Oh yeah, She's definitely Casey-Jorden
by Whisper6 January 28, 2014
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A rapper from Detroit Michigan but he also sings and produce as well look him up . I'll say the closest thing to drake
The goat is obviously nathen jorden
by candyman7 March 15, 2017
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The name of a character in the movie "Aliens", produced by 20th Century Fox. Portayed by Carrie Henn. Is an occupant of the "Hadley's Hope" mining colony on the planet LV-426. Has a brother named Timmy and is daughter of Ann and Russ Jorden. Was sent, along with her family to find an alien ship that contained alien parasites that killed their hosts and spawned new aliens. Was the only survivor of the alien attack that clamied the lives of the people in the colony. Newt can also fit into small spaces and crevices where the aliens can't reach her. Was rescued by a team of military personnel who came to the planet to investigate the status of the colony. Formed an emotional bond with Ellen Ripley, the fellow survivor of an alien attack. Was kidnapped by the aliens while escaping from Hadley's Hope and was almost impregnated with an alien embryo, but was saved by Ripley. Newt died when, coming back to Earth, her cryotube was flooded with water after the ship they had been travelling on was attacked by an alien and they were forced into escape pods that jettisoned to an isolated planet. However, she still survives in (the clone version of) Ellen Ripley's memories.
Newt Jorden: "They mostly come at night...mostly."
by crazyrabbits May 7, 2005
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Jorden is an independent person.
People think she scary at first but if you get to know her she's not that kind of person.
Jorden doesn't let people but her down she puts them in there place:)
Jorden will drop you if you ever touch one of her close friends whether she can or not:
Jorden doesn't let any nigga tell her she's not enough

Jorden has bad anger issues:/
Im not quiet I neither like you or dislike you :)
Jorden is somone that needs to go to an mental institution:)
by @beljah_jorden_ November 23, 2021
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A girl with a unisex name. Indecisive but mindful. Literal instead of a dreamer. Tends to run away from her emotions instead of dealing. Has traits that lead to frustration. Never get tired of a Jorden because you’ll never find another.
Everything your saying Jorden- is a reflection of your own insecurities.

love yourself first.
by Sladermater69 November 22, 2021
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