Close your eyes and picture everything you now about Gotham city; now visit Detroit, Michigan. Now open your eyes... (lock your car)
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by BdDaBomb May 27, 2016
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1.A city that a bunch of people talk and complain about but without ever stepping inside the city limits or even coming within 50 miles of its border.

2.Contrary to popular belief, there are nice parts, but perpetuating stereotypes is better than talking about the good that resides there, huh?

3.Where everyone who's from Michigan says they're from when somebody asks them where they live.

4.Best water in the world.
1. Hey, I haven't been to Detroit, let along Michigan, but I heard something on the radio about the crime, so that makes me the official expert, tee-hee.

2.Rosedale Park, University District, etc...all great living areas.

3.Random Person 1: Where are you from?
'Detroiter': Westland
Random Person 1: Where?
'Detroiter': Detroit...

4.Have you ever had Detroit water?
by Mgsfan1 June 04, 2004
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One of the few places in the United States that is situated north of Canada.
"Who says the US is south of Canada? Detroit's farther north than Windsor, buddy."
by AdMiCa April 05, 2006
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A city that sucks cause the mayor blows the city's funds on his new escalade, his parties, and his bail money to get out of jail!
Kwame is da man, taking Detroit even further into the dumps
by Andy1353235 August 21, 2008
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Known as the "Murder City." Previously known as the "Motor City."
Years ago, Detroit used to be a booming town with automotive factories all around it. Detroit was nick named, the "Motor" City. Now, there are maybe but a few plants that are operating & still building cars. The murder rate in Detroit is so much higher & now it is known as the "Murder" City.
by T.Wilson July 11, 2014
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