This is the short form of the term 1997 since it has like 6 syllables or something.
man 1: i just fell down the stairs while my lady was watching me .
man 2: oh thats so 1997 !
man 1: yo, thats too long! Try saying "97" next time.
man 2: okay, thanks man.
by bellaakaay December 17, 2011
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An extremely powerful being, known for identifying hurt elbows from a distance and sleeping in organic blankets. It is capable of performing and understanding anything and everything at the cost of it's own humanity and emotions.
"He just went all 97 on me, there was no stopping him"

97: "Do you know why your right arm is slightly sore"

Mere mortal: "I don't really feel anything"
by vermelen March 17, 2020
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Person #1: What happened in 97?
Person #2: What didnt happen in 97?
by Nine 7 June 17, 2007
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No one can compare to “97”
by Munkooo97 January 17, 2022
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There are 97% of women who have been sexually neglected or targeted, these women are strong and beautiful and should never feel less than if you feel like someone has done or said something something to you sexually with out your say you apart of this strong group <3
Yes i’m apart of the 97%,”, “Oh i’m a part of the 3%””
by snazzy_cat March 16, 2021
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Air max 97s - the new most lit shoes
J:Hey did u see her 97s! M:yeh they were rose gold omds
by Bigmanting1234 January 23, 2018
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The year anyone with a flux capacitor would want to visit.
A good year fo B -Vice to smoke that sticky icky green Shiiiiiiit and say Fuckin Fuck alot. A bad year for innocent collars of misfits t shirts. A great year for red jeeps and rebel flags. A good year for cough syrup, Carl's Junior, Swan Lake, Denny's, Oogies, parties in Jake Bo's basement, and Jubilee.
The year of the original penis bottle rocket, the full effect of the blue blazer and many other timeless pieces of forgotten awesomeness.
JC: "Dude what do you think is better? Now or '97"

Dan: "'97 dude, cuz I like to smash pumpkins behind willow K."
by ThE LaTe JC March 24, 2005
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