85 is a term used by black Muslims to refer to the "ignorant masses", (85%). According to this belief, 5% possess knowledge of self and follow the Muslim faith. 10% possess knowledge but are truly evil and use that knowledge for evil purposes.
"See I'm a be alright, in my life as long as I'm alive. I ride on 580 but I'm not an 85..."
-Lateef of Latryx
by Wheaty Wee August 19, 2005
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A sexual term to describe a position that involves two women and a man. Anal sex is a necessity to perform the reach around and reach up, with the back to the front.
Pamela Anderson nearly reached an 85 in her sex tape with Tommy Lee. Unfortunately, because there was not a second woman, it was not possible to fulfill the reach up requirement.
by kpdd August 22, 2009
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She swallowed my 85, and the rest of it too.
by vovlock March 12, 2011
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85 or Eighty-Five (adjective) is a word which is commonly used in Persian (Farsi) spoken language.

- The perfection index or number which is generally used to describe or address the hugeness of one's boobs size.

- The golden number which is used to quantify or rate the hugeness of one's boobs size. Women with different boob sizes are always compared with 85 as the utmost desired size.

- The perfect size for women boobs (as desired by men). An 85 boob will typically both fill men's hand and face. It is equivalent to 38DD boob size (according to USA bra sizing).
Example 1 :
+ WoW. Look at that 85 chick walking across the street.
- Yeah. You're right. Look at those yummy boobs!

Example 2 :
There is a famous motto which says "an honest small boob girl friend worth more than a thosand of cheating 85 ones!"
by WildWetWords August 17, 2018
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Calling someone an "85" (or a group of people "85s") is a way of insulting people coined from the film Alien 3. The character Francis Aaron, the prison guard in the film, is given the nickname "85" by the inmates, who prior the film had broken into the prison records and discovered Francis' IQ: 85.

When using 85 in this way, it can be synonymous with the word stupid, or the word idiot. It can also be used in the same vein as "basic" or even "normie," with the latter more referring to one's lack of intelligence rather than just being generally uncultured.
Example 1:

85: "Alien 3 is a terrible film, so boring and shit."

Film buff: Actually I think it's the best film in the franchise. It's got amazing cinematography and lighting, the actors are all very well performed and fleshed out in the writing..."

85: Yeah well none of that matters, films are meant to be entertaining not artsy.

Film buff: That’s a very 85 thing to say.

Example 2:

(Group of obnoxious 85s all talking about how the new Transformers is amazing and probably like literally the best film they've seen).

Film buff: Ugh, bunch of 85s
by Darcvader October 27, 2016
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an number by watson 313 for over exgerating any story or complaint to make it sound 85 times better when drunk or sober this will make you laugh which may lead to stomach aches for like 85 min, and also can result in 85 laughing tears.
Amanda: On ruben sandwich day lunder puts like 85 ruben sandwiches in his pockets

Trina: how much is that going to cost
Brit: i dunno my dad bought it
Trina: Like 85 dollars?!?!?

Amanda: I hope your not thirsty cause trinas going to take like 85 hours to come back to with the drinks

Amanda: I woke up and had like 85 hairs my mouth

Kim: Im going to drink like 85 beers tongiht, i dont even have 85 beers in my room.
by trinalu307 February 18, 2008
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Also known as chutney and tuna at times, 85 is a really, really, really, cool kid.
"wow 85, i wanna be just like you someday!!!"- 85 worshipper
"shut up cock block! you will never posses all of my immense powers!"- 85
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