This guy is quite literally one of the best people you will ever meet in your life. He has a great sense of humor and will laugh with you for hours. There is a specific amount of people that he cares about and if you are one of those people, he makes you feel very special. Not only does he have the best personality but he is one of those "really attractive without even trying" people. He is really sexy! But also cuddly and cute.

I'm sure you can be as lucky as i am and meet a Porter.
Girl 1: Oh, i just got the most amazing message from Porter

Girl 2: You're friends with a Porter?!

Girl 1: Yeah! Aren't Porters just the best?

Girl 2: They're hot too!
by Blue Eren June 19, 2016
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a sexy, smart, nice person, who is a non stop party goer, who has many friends, who laughs a lot, is always happy, and makes a lot of jokes.
That girl is smart and sexy she must be a Porter.
by Zulily April 25, 2013
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A guy who is a major asshole, who knows just the right things to say and do to get under your skin, and he’s annoying as hell. But he’s also one of your best friends and you love him a lot, and would do absolutely anything for him.
1: Omigod this guy annoys me so much, but i still love him; he’s such a Porter!!

2. my boyfriend is such a porter! he’s so annoying and yet, he’s still able to steal my heart!
by yeehaw139 October 29, 2018
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A helpful, generous, all around nice person (generous, helpful coming from a porter - helper in a hotel)

a great friend and the person to hang with
wow I wish i was good friends with that Porter!

He is such a Porter! I should spend more time with him.
by modiee November 18, 2011
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To be Porter'ed

Having the night of your life with someone that you have feelings for but who makes it abundantly clear that nothing will ever happen.
Why is she crying in her dorm room?

She just got Porter'ed
by Jimbo Jacoby February 04, 2010
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Guy with a huge crank who knows how to bruise up a cervix. Girls typically get addicted to said crank more violently than CRACK.
Girl #1. Why are you limping?
Girl #2. My vagina feels like I fell asleep on the railroad tracks spread eagle!
Girl #1. Sounds like you got Porter-ed! Lucky! lol!
Girl #2. How did you know????? lol!
Girl #1. Cause my ass feels like I was sitting on the space shuttle when it launched! lol!
Girl #2. We're dumb sluts! lol!
Girl #1. I know right! Let's get drunk and call him!
by Hugh Jesty Rection January 28, 2011
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1.) A person who is generally slow to react to instructions but will complete them very inefficiently in an untimely manner. He is not very reliable but is a good pet/slave for gathering materials/weapons in any games. It is known that Porter has an unreliable internet due to a cheap, Chinese made Wi-Fi adapter he had purchased due to him being “porr” (he could buy one @ Best Buy but is too lazy to, cuz he’s porter).

Pulling a Porter:
action verb
1.) Pulling a porter is defined as Porter leaving at random intervals of time in a Discord call with his friends without saying a single word or stating that he’d be back. Other times he would state he’d be back but would return within 10 hours or so. Other days he’d state that he would get on but never does until a few days later. This term is now applied to other friends of the group. Other instances could include him saying that he’ll sleep but instead get on Dead by Daylight or another game, then sleep.

(Credit To #Yumiko Imagawa#5650 on discord for making this)
Example: Umeko: Porter, can you please drone??

Porter: oKAy, iT’s CLeaR JUmP iN!

Umeko: *jumps into the room, instantly gets shot in the head*

Umeko: *smash smash smash* I THOUGHT YOU DRONED IT YOU


Porter: *sigh* Okay, listen here dinkweed
by MyLittleDinosaur January 10, 2019
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