Jordens are generally very good at keeping secrets, while they are not very caring the can still be good as a sholder too cry on. usaully decently funny and are under aprecciated for how hard they work to get others acknowledgement. lots of the time jordens have mood swing, not like from happy too angry but happy too sad. however they are mostly chill and mind their own bussines
Person one: that dude looks under aprecciated do you think he is a jorden?
Person two: we should cheer him up shoulnt we?
Person one: yeah lets goo
by jokertheinsanity April 15, 2022
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Jorden is an ugly, ungrateful man. Never date someone like him. If you do something kind for him, he'll take it as harassment. His black hair and brown eyes show darkness.
He is probably a Jorden.
by Jorden Chyapa April 13, 2022
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Jordene is a very rare woman. She is a fun loving girl who likes to cause just a little bit of trouble. She usually has curly hair and is giggly. A Jordene cares a lot for others but sometimes gets emotionally attached. She is a good listener but also a good speaker. She is a clever comedian with a very colourful soul. A Jordene also usually has a very round big butt. She’s very bubbly and attracts both males and females. If you ever meet a Jordene, you’ll never forget her. She is great company and is always ready to have some fun.
Oh yay Jordene is coming to the party! She’ll baby sit the drunk girl
by Jordene November 25, 2021
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