Word you can overuse to deny something that is actually true.
But obviously there's no truth to it, i mean OBVIOUSLY
by now kiss me you fool February 12, 2019
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Louis Tomlinson's famous words when denying Larry Stylinson / the denial speech.
someone denying something: no
louis: i-ah-ive never really been asked about it directly um
it's a funny thing, i mean look people can, ehh, people can believe what the wanna believe but i just think it comes across sometimes a little bit.. um, a little bit disrespectful to the ones that i love, you know like eleanor...um... sometimes it comes across as a bit disrespectful...um, and it's like anything, i mean, like you can genuinely...if you google conspiracy on iphones, right, your gonna get a conspiracy, so i think it's just one of these things that people just love to buy into but in realit- in reality obviously there's no truth to it.
by colorpopz December 19, 2022
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maddening cliché, adverb

1. A word overused in the wrong way by ignorant British speakers who mean ‘of course’ but for some reason will not use that perfectly adequate phrase.

2. Used as a filler word to hold the floor in a conversation, the ignorant, British speaker believing that ‘obviously’ sounds intellectual, unlike ‘er, um’.

3. In an obvious manner, overtly.

4. A word used to excuse the speaker for stating something which is openly apparent to the listener.
1. Shane: “So I was in the darkroom all alone, right? And obviously, my daughter having secretly swapped the chemicals for some other ones, the fumes obviously sent me to sleep. Obviously, I didn’t wake up until the meteorite burst through the ceiling.”
Cedric: “Obvious to whom? You are an oaf, Shane.”

2. “Well, Gary … we’re going to go out there and play some football today and, er, hopefully, come away with a result …obviously… cuz… well, that’s what football’s about, at the end of the day – obviously – the results speak for themselves and basically, it’s all about the silverware on the sideboard at the end of the season so we’re going to try to score some goals and …obviously…”

3. “Dicky was coming on to Harriet so obviously that we all covered our faces and groaned with embarrassment.”

4. “It was at that point, officer that he stabbed me. Sorry about the blood all over your shoes. My shirt is ruined, obviously. Do you think I could claim for that on my insurance?”
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Obviously is a word overused by Louis Tomlinson to deny the relationship that is thought to be happening with him and Harry Styles ( Hair Styles). As he cannot just deny it by saying “I am not dating the dude that I was in a band with.” It can be used to lie if repeated twice in sentence but everyone can tell you are lying.
Louis: Obviously there is no proof to it
Larries: You sure?
by bestgaylouisstan June 1, 2021
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