to treat someone/something like its new or immature even though its been around for years - in reference to the rapper/singer drake

originates from rapper The Game in his jay-z dis track 'so wavy' where he says "please don't drake me'
Jon: Wow, youre pretty good at ball.

Pete: Ive been good for a while. You just never gave me my props. So dont try to drake me!
by j tha lady killa August 22, 2009
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A Canadian rapper who started from the bottom and used to call you on your cell phone
Drake apparently used to call me on my cell phone, now he calls me on my iPhone 7
by Kidswillbekids May 29, 2019
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When you find yourself reminiscing about a past relationship and doing things like, texting, emailing or calling an Ex or Exes. This also can include but is not limited to writing songs, and or poems about that person.
*Why am I up listening to these damn slow songs.... Make a n*gga feel like Drakeing some of my exes and sh*t.*

Drake and Drive
by The Lady Blue February 4, 2014
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A word originated from the rapper/singer Drake to describe when someone is behaving very emotional. Drunk texting or calling ex girlfriends/boyfriends is a main example of Draking.
I cried all night i swear i was draking.

I didn't mean to text you i was just draking
by Aleczander September 23, 2013
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Drake is a kind person no doubt about it they can be douchebags but if your high on his list. He'll treat you golden. He is cute, not smoking hot though. He loves to talk to people! He does get nervous around girls he just meets. But if your friends, you can talk for hours. He is really fun and gets along with almost everybody. If you find a drake... Love him!
"Wow, do you see drake over there?" "Yea he's the coolest guy round"
by 1230526 March 12, 2016
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the type of guy to levitate towards a pleasant scent
"drake the typa guy to blow steam out of his ears when he angry"
by cuhlet May 14, 2023
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