The type of girl a man will respect, but never sleep with. She gets all A's and usually goes to college. A smart girl never goes to parties, does drugs, sleeps with men, drinks, or smokes. Smart girls live in a fantasy world of the future. They live for the future. Smart girls are either viewed as weird or loners. Smart girls are still friends with their elementry-school buddies, and smart girls are never popular. Smart girls don't have a boyfriend untill college. Smart girls are the easiest target in high school; But they are the least preyed on.
Rob: "Hey wanna have sex?"

Karen; 'No, I'm a smart girl."
by name~name~name June 17, 2009
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Some girls are smart because they put cheets in their bras so that the teachers dont know that they are cheeting on tests
My girl friend is a smart girl cause she cheets on the test without the teachers knowing.
by mrunner January 30, 2007
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March 19th-It’s Appreciation Day For Smart Girls. They don’t need a booty because their brains are more valuable. Whether they’re in a relationship or not doesn’t effect their grind. They got plans for college, not being someone’s baby momma or side chick. They’re not any type of fast girl or Primadonnas. They don’t gotta sneak or lie and they certainly don’t settle for less than what they deserve. They’re the first girls you go to cheat off of on a test! (Guess what bitch? WE NOTICED). They’re really down to earth and sweet girls once you get to know them. SO APPRECIATE US YOU UNCULTURED SWINE!
Kody: I got some gifts for you

Jane: why? It’s not even my birthday
Kody: It’s March 19th.

Jane: that’s right! Smart Girl Appreciation day!
by Greenpaperbag November 2, 2019
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Smart little girl refers to either the fact that the subject is literally smart and a little girl or refers to Lucy who infact isn't smart nor a little girl,so what could she be possibly referring to? That answer is personal and depends all on the individual Lucy that we are talking about.
Lucy: I'm a smart little girl
Michal: Mhm
by toxsy September 2, 2019
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