Mya can be your best friend or, maybe even a little more than that. Mya's are usually very kind, funny, and beautiful. If Mya is in your life, she can be your best dream, or your worst nightmare. Mya is prepared for anything, Although she always has a revenge plan up her sleeve, she can comfort you and make you feel special. Mya is the girl that all the boys will fall for. She is very sweet at all costs and can get a good laugh out of you. She has deep hatred for her looks but doesn't understand the beauty seen by all her surroundings. If you catch a Mya, hold on to her, you may never find a girl as great as her!
Guy: Man, I wish that girl was mine
Guy2: You mean Mya? Everyone does
by awesomeness187059 March 10, 2017
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A Mya is just down right amazing. She'll put a smile on your face when your just thinking about her. Her smile will light up your world like is has to mine 😊. She's funny, smart, adorable and little weird at times but is the best. I wince left a Mya for another girl and let me just tell you that it was a huge mistake. But she was nice enough to give me a second chance and I'm never going to mess it up. If you have a Mya keep her because it's the best thing that'll happen to you. Mya if you're reading this just know I love you so much and will never stop ❤️️.
Mya: a person that'll make you smile without even trying.
by Vansoffthewall May 4, 2017
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Mya is the best girl you'll ever find if you can ever take her intrest keep it. If you leave a mya for someones else thats a big mistake. Mya is adorable funny smart and will brighten your day in ever way possible.
Adorable,(mya) funny smart brighten
by Yo diggidy May 13, 2017
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Mya is beautiful, smart, caring, and kind. She makes your life way better in every way. Just looking at her makes you smile. Her personality is on one of the best you will ever meet, because you will never stop smiling.. She has the best smile you will ever see, and has the most magnificent eyes. Once she's yours, you will wish you are together forever, because she is just that amazing. She lights up your world like the sun, and every moment spent with her is a moment spent with an angle. She is creative, and will always have your back, whether or not she shows it off. Everyone loves Mya, even if they don't admit it. She is the most amazing person you will ever meet and you are lucky to know her.
Damn that girl is such a Mya. She’s the greatest girl i’ve ever met.
by charlieboy431 October 16, 2017
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She's Smart And She's Pretty She's Loyal She Has A Attitude Problems And She's A Handful And She's Crazy But She'll Love You And Have Your Back No Matter What.😛😛
Damn Mya Is The Stuff Ya Stupid If Ya Lose Her
by Jodi dukbcfibxfu December 20, 2016
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A an amazingly nice funny girl who's always there for people, has a kind heart and can be a bitch when she wants too. Also, the princess of egypts name is Mya so Mya is a princess.
by Cupcakefluffyberry February 7, 2015
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Myas are amazing friends/family that you will ever have. They can be weird and crazy, but also always have your back. They make you laugh and smile, but can be mad if you spell their name Maya.
"Mya, what's wrong?"
"This keychain spelled my name Maya.. I'm going to kill it."
by xXSernitySenna December 9, 2018
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